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Lytro’s retroactive-focus cameraLytro shook the camera world a year ago with the $400-$500 no-focus Lytro camera that captures all the light rays entering the camera from the field of view, and then lets the user focus or refocus the picture afterwards. Basil_Nolan: The clone tool is pretty good when followed by a smudge tool, assuming your software allows selection of a large enough brush for quick fixing the areas you intend to hide. For license plates, I always clone only one number or letter with a feathered edge, then apply a soft blur effect to the whole plate. If you are shooting a video and want to remove a face, I find motion tracking with an oval mask where I apply mosaicing before blur will make recovery of the original face impossible. I think this article was more intended to introduce the idea that simple blurring can be somewhat corrected with software, much better than past software solutions. Still, anyone looking to blur a feature (like a shy cousin’s face, obscene gesture in a family photo, evidence of a crime involving inhaling from a smoking apparatus) there are ways to foil the software mentioned without distracting black bands or mono-colored blocks. I often get images sent to me to work into something and the quality is often poor (Not photographers). This new release features a blind deblurring module which can automatically identify and remove complicated blur on the image. Sometimes the challenge is picking the one killer idea for your business book from the dozen you’ve got floating in your head. I know you’ve got lots of fabulous ideas in your head and you’d love to write about them all. Getting your ideas out of your head, spelled out, and in front of you is an important first step. Hopefully by now you’ve narrowed your ideas down to a short list of no more than two or three. Ginny Carter, The Author Maker, is a business book ghostwriter, book writing coach, and author.
If you’ve used authoring tools, you know that programs with lots of functionality and features require more effort to learn. Chapters 8 through 11 delve into more advanced features, such as working with media, layers, states, interactions and variables.
The authors provide a solid conceptual framework and are good at differentiating the paradigms that are part of Articulate Storyline. For example, there’s a clear description of when its best to use the timeline or layers and states to create an action. Storyline for Starters by Russell Still, Steve Flowers and Phil Mayor feels like you’re having a conversation with experts.
Storyline for Starters is organized by higher level themes, starting with the user interface layout and the program’s dynamics (triggers, variables and states). Storyline for Starters also uses numerous visuals to illustrate concepts and to demonstrate the user interface. There are many important points and shortcuts woven through the text that are highlighted as shown below. Frankly, these books complement each other well and both will help you learn Articulate Storyline. Pictures Everywhere - You can include pictures in all buttons in the family view: a couple, their children and parents. Places - new features include: mapping of places in Google or Bing, entry of geo codes for places (automatic or manual), internal place database that tracks all your place entries and encourages more consistency and accuracy, ability to merge places, room to record general notes about places. Family View Preferences - There is much greater ability to customizing the appearance and content of the family view. Relationship Chart shows, graphically, the relationship between two people (and they don't have to be blood relatives). Web Project - A report for the web that includes a new web tree chart for chart-like navigation through the information you publish, linked family cards, person sheets, media pages, and sources. Web Styles - Reunion 10 introduces all-new attractive web styles with a trio of elements that can be selected independently: color theme, format, and font.
Events Report - A new chronological report showing a list of events for people in your family file.
Multimedia Usage Report - Now an interactive report that shows a list of multimedia files linked to the family file. More relatives are included when identifying and listing relatives, including non-blood relatives.
The List window is a new, separate window with it's own navbar, containing lists of: People, Events, Relatives, Places, Results (of Find searches), Calendars, Couples, and Contacts. Improved Ages report - Ages is now a sidebar, visible anytime right alongside the family view and it includes pictures.
Easy Merge - When you're certain that two people are really the same person, just drag one person and drop him on the other person.
Added support for privacy filtering in descendant charts, pedigree charts, relative charts, and descendant reports. Side-By-Side Matching and Merging People - Evaluating matches is much easier in the new Merge People window. Better tracking of multimedia files - After multimedia files (such as picture files) are linked to people, families, or source records, the multimedia files can be moved and renamed in the Finder and Reunion will automatically keep track of the files. New options for sorting children by birth dates in all families or families with a marked parent. Auto-size columns - Control-click the title of a column in the List window, the list of children in the family view, or the Edit Family > Children panel.
Bookmarks can be displayed in the sidebar for easy navigation, are now unlimited, and behave similarly to bookmarks in your web browser.
Picture thumbnails are stored inside the family file, which provides much faster navigation between different people and families.
Enhancements to the Import Reunion Family File feature include the ability to import all source records or cited source records from another family file while importing no people. Multimedia Files Preferences - new option to designate places not to be searched for missing items and to prevent unnecessary searches of (potentially very large) iPhoto libraries if you do not keep your genealogy pictures in iPhoto.
New ability to search for events containing particular elements, such as a particular day of the month, month of the year, or year. New feature to search for half siblings, full siblings, or all siblings in the Statistics report and Find panel. Gradients may be applied to boxes and text objects in descendant and pedigree charts, to bars in timeline charts, and to rings in fan charts. New Lock Defaults feature lets you preserve your chart defaults while making changes and experimenting.
Added several Control-key shortcuts when clicking a chart box or object to make aligning, layering, and grouping objects much easier. New visual clue - In the Sources sidebar (which, in earlier versions of Reunion, was called the Source List window) the column for multimedia shows how many multimedia items are linked to each source record. New visual clue - The icon appearing in the Multimedia button of the Source window will reflect whether or not multimedia items are linked to the source record.
New security feature to avoid problems caused by opening a family file on more than one Macintosh over a network or file sharing service.
New troubleshooting menu item that rebuilds Reunion's cached files in case you experience unusual problems.
A new Marking Shortcuts window brings to your fingertips quick lists of marked people, unmarked people, and other common marking functions.
When importing a GEDCOM file that contains links to images, the first image linked to a person will become the preferred picture in Reunion for that person, unless the GEDCOM file specifies the preferred picture.
The Help menu (in the menubar at the top) lists the current navbar selection and the current sidebar selection and will take you to the appropriate page in the manual.

The Asus Transformer Book T100 is a Windows tablet that you can use as a notebook when you connect a keyboard dock. I decided to see what happens when you plug in an external display, speakers, mouse and keyboard and try using the Transformer Book T100 as a desktop computer. The Transformer Book T100 may sell for $399 or less and feature a low-power Intel Atom Z3740 Bay Trail processor, but it provides more than enough power for light gaming, and document editing, some pretty heavy web browsing, and serious multitasking. The only full-sized USB port is in the keyboard portion of the device, so you’ll need to dock the tablet to the keyboard if you want to plug in an external mouse, keyboard, drive, or other peripherals. When I plugged in a 1080p display, Windows recognized it right away, and right-clicking on the desktop brought up an option to use the built-in tablet display, the external display, or both (by cloning or extending the desktop). When I chose the Digital Television option, the system automatically adjusted the screen resolution to 1920 x 1080 pixels, and the computer doesn’t seem to have any difficulty pumping out graphics to the higher-resolution display. I’ve spent most of a workday using the Transformer Book T100 as my primary work machine, with music streaming from Google Play Music while I create and edit articles for Liliputing and conduct research with more than a dozen additional browser tabs open. Microsoft Office 2013 apps load quickly and seem to work pretty well, and I loaded the GIMP image editor to see how it performs. I wanted to see if I could get real work done using a tablet with a Bay Trail processor and the peripherals you’d use to turn it into a desktop-style device, and the answer is yes. Modern-style apps that run in the touch-friendly, full-screen user interface also have a few advantages: they can run even when the display is off, for instance. Overall I’ve been pretty impressed with how well this little tablet holds up as a work machine. Google is introducing a $279 laptop that runs its Internet-centric Chrome operating system, borrowing many of the high-end features found in models that cost $1,000 or more.
Unlike Windows and Mac laptops, Chromebooks rely heavily on continuous Internet connections to run Gmail, Google Docs and other online services.
Google promotes Chromebooks as affordable laptops for a wide range of people, including schoolchildren and merchants who can use Google's tools on the Internet without the extra expense and hassle of installing more sophisticated software such as Adobe's Photoshop photo-editing software or Microsoft's Office word processing and spreadsheet package. The Chromebook 11 has a sleek, plastic frame with no sharp edges or corners —or even screw holes.
The new laptop's display measures 11.6 inches (29 centimeters) diagonally, the same as a popular Chromebook model from Samsung Electronics Co.
Caesar Sengupta, Google's vice president of product management for Chromebooks, said HP approached Google after seeing the Pixel, which Google designed and made on its own using an unnamed contract manufacturer. In recognition of the growing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, the Chromebook 11 uses the same Micro-USB charger common in those mobile devices. The Chromebook 11 is available starting Tuesday at Google's online Play store and selected retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon.
Consumers shopping for a PC have a new choice: laptops running Google's Chrome OS operating system. Google is dangling a low-priced laptop computer in front of consumers as rivals Microsoft and Apple prepare to release their latest gadgets.
Intended as a flagship for its Chrome operating system, Google's new Chromebook Pixel feels too much like overkill. In a few weeks, Uber will start using self-driving cars to carry passengers in Pittsburgh, raising the stakes in the fast-track race to deploy autonomous vehicles.
A blimp-shaped, helium-filled airship considered the world's largest aircraft flew for the first time Wednesday with a short but historic jaunt over an airfield in central England. We might be one step closer to the vision of Internet-connected wireless implanted devices. Could existing electric vehicles (EVs), despite their limited driving range, bring about a meaningful reduction in the greenhouse-gas emissions that are causing global climate change? The British government gave the green light Tuesday for what it called the world's biggest offshore wind farm to be built off the English coast. One larger political conflict would wipe out the Internet connectivity of large portion of the world.
Designed and made in China, with an HP label stuck on top.I guess HP really is staying out of the Computer business.
The good news is, you have a lot of ideas, and my job is to help you determine which is best. You won’t have that nagging feeling of having forgotten some creative gem that you just know is in there somewhere!
You’ll want to be able to market and sell your book successfully when it’s completed, so being able to utilize your current mailing list, social media profiles, and other marketing platforms will make it a lot easier than starting with a whole new market.
I know it sounds like an obvious question, but it’s surprising how often smart people get carried away by a bright, shiny new idea that has little to do with their existing business or core competency. One way of doing this is to sell (or develop) online products which your readers will bw attracted to as a result of reading your book.
This doesn’t mean that you have to know everything about your topic, and you can always bring in guest contributors and do some extra research. All ideas have value, and what doesn’t become a book could find life in another form – an online training product, a video series, a blog series, or even your next book! She’s on a mission to transform established speakers, coaches, and consultants from "experts" into "experts-with-a-book" through the publication that grows their reputation and expands their business. Although Articulate Storyline is based on the familiar PowerPoint user interface, it also provides deeper capabilities that take some time and effort to understand and implement. The remaining four chapters explain quizzes, screen recordings, player options and publishing.
There are lots of useful visuals, ranging from screen shots with call-outs to tables and charts.
Their personable book includes chapter summaries, real-world examples, shortcuts and advice.
The sidebar is easily switched between lists of: people, sources, multimedia, relatives, ages, places, find results, bookmarks, treetops, clipboard, calendar, reminders, and contacts. Pick any date in a person's past and see the makeup of his family on that date: what family members were alive, how old everybody was, etc. Selecting any item in the list provides a supplemental list of every record where the media item is linked. For example: spouse of daughter, spouse of uncle, step mother, step grandfather, step son, step granddaughter, father of spouse, sister of spouse, spouse of aunt of spouse, etc. The navbar provides big, clearly labeled buttons for the most common things you want to see or do: family view, tree view, charts, reports, find, change, mark, and logs. For most day-to-day use, the Sidebar will suffice; but the List window provides powerful, flexible lists with lots of columns, fields, and sorting options. There are several new ways to represent age: days, months, years, years and months, months and days, years months and days.
If your mother-in-law asks for all the pictures on her side of the family, it's easy to share just those pictures. It also means you can copy your family file on another Mac and the images for each person will appear in the family view, tree view, and sidebars, without needing to copy picture files to the other Mac. When you select a chart box, a new tool appears to select the corner style and when one of the new corner styles is selected, a size tool appears to select the size of the corner. This option will help keep track of smaller subsets within your family file that you think are related to other subsets, but you're not sure. Thus, any people who do have images linked will always appear with a preferred picture after import, even if none were specified as preferred in the GEDCOM file. But you know what they say about all work and no play… I checked to see how the machine handles 1080p HD videos, and it had no problems streaming content from YouTube. So you could fire up an internet radio app and turn off the screen while music continues to play during your lunch break if you wanted.

I already knew it scored better than a 2011-era Intel Celeron processor in basic benchmarks, and I’ve used the Transformer Book T100 to get some work done at coffee shops over the past week.
Most cheap desktops you find in stores today will probably be able to run circles around the Transformer Book T100. Chromebooks come with a lightweight photo editing package and Quickoffice, a Microsoft Office alternative that Google bought in last year. The speakers are tucked under the keyboard so sound comes out toward the user, even when the laptop is on the user's lap.
The Chromebook 11 doesn't have a touch screen, and the display's resolution isn't as sharp as the Pixel's. Other laptops typically come with their own charger, which Sengupta described as yet another item that needs to be packed for weekend trips.
Or do you believe, that the USA would allow the China or Russia or their allies to boot their computers from American servers at the case of some military conflict?
Writing a book takes a lot of mental energy and sustained concentration; it’s hard to do justice to more than one at a time. In addition, if your book is aimed at a readership similar to your existing customer base, it’s much more likely to be aligned with the core purpose of your business. If your business book is truly for your business, it needs to help you to make more money, either through the additional speaking engagements you’ll book, the new clients you’ll attract, the list building opportunities it gives you, or simply the raised profile that you will achieve (in addition to the potential sales revenues). But it stands to reason that a successful book will be written from a place of knowledge and expertise. Will they buy this book, or is it based on your own preconceived ideas of what they’re after? The most important thing is that you’ve chosen the idea that will work best for you, your audience, and your business. Chapters 1 through 7 discuss the user interface and basic concepts, such as slides, scenes, text, graphics and positioning objects. There’s also an appendix with Storyline job aids as well as a companion website with practice files and other resources.
These will help you jump ahead in proficiency if you’re new to this authoring tool or new to multimedia development.
Additional goodies include a cheat sheet of shortcuts and resources on their companion website.
View and compare the parents, spouses, children, and dates of each person who might be a match.
Or, if you export a GEDCOM file, Reunion can copy all of the multimedia files into a folder to accompany the GEDCOM file. But I’m surprised just how much it feels like a regular desktop when you just hook up a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and speakers.
But considering this is a portable machine that gets around 8 hours of battery life, works as a tablet or notebook, and also happens to be powerful enough for basic desktop computing certainly sets it apart from other $399 tablets on the market (I’m looking at you, iPad mini). Although its price is in line with most other Chrome OS notebooks, the new model sports many design features found in pricier devices, including the $1,299 Chromebook Pixel. The devices also have relatively little storage, as documents, photos and other files are supposed to be stored online. The Chromebook 11 also uses a plastic frame rather than metal, but there's magnesium underneath to keep the laptop sturdy. The white model has a choice of four accents around the keyboard and under the device: blue, red, yellow and green.
Maybe they could connect by way of the aether and put the American servers out of business. Basically, the blurred bits in an image follow patterns that can be traced backwards mathematically.
For any other camera, that would have been state of the art in the late 1990s, a good choice for shooting a Lauren Hill concert.As we noted a year ago, Lytro is a great one-trick pony, but the ability to play around with focus is more of a tool for photo hobbyists than picture-takers who just want every picture to be in focus. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. It’s a bit like starting a small business – it involves, planning, strategic decision-making, and seemingly endless amounts of effort. In fact, it’s a great move to keep your ideas alive by recording them with a note, a title, or a brief synopsis.
But it’s unlikely to do any of these things if it’s not written on the subject upon which your business and reputation are based. They frequently mention mobile player considerations and go into some depth on using Javascript in Storyline. Both books are designed so you can easily jump to what to you need, which works great as a quick reference guide. Plus, it's available when you're entering or editing information, creating reports and charts, finding, marking, etc. You can also copy all multimedia items linked to all, marked, or unmarked people into a new folder. There's less storage, too—16 gigabytes, compared with 32 gigabytes for the base model of the Pixel.
Deliberately blurred signs, serial numbers, and licenses can be adjusted enough to make them legible again. Try it yourself and you’ll see improvement but not necessarily as much as the man who wrote the (code) book got. For them, there are extended depth of field (EDOF) lenses coming that may be more what they want. The sidebar has conveniently replaced several separate windows in earlier versions of Reunion. This feature makes it much easier to share a subset of your family file and relevant images with another person. Just curious: what of your own data do you believe you've managed to keep off anybody else's computer thus far? Pros often want the opposite, choosing heavy lenses with wide apertures that render only a small slice of the image in focus, leaving the background an out-of-focus blend of colors –- the kind of feature SmartDeblur was created to correct.Now read: CSI-style super-resolution image enlargement? That way, your book stands a good chance of actually getting finished (always a bonus!) and think how great you’ll feel when you’ve taken that one amazing idea and made it work for you in a brilliant book. Interestingly, many apps started as $50-$200 add-ons or became Photoshop plug-ins and later were incorporated into larger apps. The only way to find out for sure is to do some research – you can ask your clients (who should be your ideal readers), set up an email survey, ask on social media, and look to see what else is selling in this field. SmartDeblur, based on photo samples, takes image correction to a whole different level than the Photoshop tools. If not, you might need to think about whether this is something that people really want to read about, or alternatively find a different angle or take on the subject that appeals more. Nik Software Sharpener Pro is a $200 add-on for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and for Apple Aperture.
Google acquired Nik in September, possibly to arm itself with tools to fend off Facebook, so keep watch on the pricing.
Adobe has been working on deblurring tools for Adobe Photoshop and possibly Adobe Lightroom, but it’s not in the most recent, 2012, editions.On a related but opposing note, we find it quite amusing that Windows 8 actually blurs its text slightly (ClearType), to make it more legible.

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