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All graphics, games, and other multimedia are copyrighted to their respective owners and authors. Minecraft House Wood in category : Minecraft HD Wallpapers Desktop, Background and Widescreen Pictures. You can download Minecraft House Wood Wallpapers in high resolution for free on the Download Link below. The founders knew this, and they perhaps also knew that zombies were inevitable in America. Then again, there's plenty of people alive today getting things from government that they don't need. I wouldn’t want him to be my friend, HELL NO, but his lens on the world is always entertaining. Over the course of the game (and this is going to get more spoilery now), I realised that Trevor is far from being the one-note psychopath who uses violence purely for its own sake, though I won’t deny that he does this too. Yes, the food may have eyelid in it, but Trevor lives close to the REAL world, close to the land.

In return, he expects that when he visits someone else’s house, they should offer him a drink. In his mind, this reasonably translates into thinking it’s okay to loudly demand a drink the instant he walks through a door.
Seeing my reaction mirrored by this man brought home the reality that yes, he is exactly the sort of person who would do that in real life.
In the first, you’ve been asked to extract a man who is vital to the FIB because of reasons. He revels in it.You know who else revelled in torturing prisoners simply because they were asked to?
This is the game series that has always been about telling the brutal gangster story that Rockstar want to tell. For the past decade, this series has been known as the one where players discovered that you can murder a prostitute to reclaim your fee. We bought this game and it asks us to hurt people and when it dwells on the human impact of our actions, now we’re not enjoying it?At the end of it all, Trevor even explains what just happened as he drives the confused, crippled man away.

The prisoner was ready to talk before the torture even started but the FIB man wouldn’t let him. Those guys both want to be rich, and yeah, San Andreas has that Valley thing but no one else goes painting Trevor Philips Enterprise all over their stolen army helicopter. It would be more meaningful to explore why he is so hot-tempered and why he uses violence so often.
It’s not simply “because he’s good at it.” People who have personalities like Trevor’s are almost always victims of horrible abuse as children.

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