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Tomorrow, February 9, 2014 marks 50 years since The Beatles stepped foot on American soil and appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show for the very first time. With that said, let’s wrap up our journey through the music of The Beatles, starting with the 1966 album Revolver. Magical Mystery Tour is an hour-long made-for-tv film that first appeared on BBC1 on Boxing Day of 1967. The Beatles, commonly known as The White Album, is a double album containing a whopping 30 songs.
The next day I was driving into London with Eric Clapton, and I said, ‘What are you doing today? As the soundtrack for the movie of the same name, Yellow Submarine is the first album to contain original material not created by The Beatles; the second side of the album is almost exclusively instrumental music composed and produced by George Martin. Northern Songs was founded in 1963 by The Beatles, Brian Epstein, and music publisher Dick James to publish Lennon and McCartney’s songs.
Although Let It Be was the last album to be released by The Beatles, it was actually recorded in early 1969, before Abbey Road.

For more great sci-fi content, reviews, and a little bit of fun graphic design, check out Tiarra's personal blog, Geeky by Design. As mentioned yesterday, The Beatles have had a very profound influence on music as we know it today. This is the last album to be released by The Beatles before they stopped touring, although none of the songs made it into their last US tour. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band holds a special place in my heart because, although the album was officially released on June 1, it was rush-released in the UK on May 26, 1967.
Both Lennon and McCartney denied that they intentionally named the song to have the initials LSD, claiming that they only realized it afterward and by then, nobody believed them when they said it was unintentional.
This is also the first album to be released by The Beatles’ record label, Apple Records.
The Beatles were actually banned from the USSR in 1964, and this was McCartney’s first time playing in Russia. Harrison and Ringo Starr were essentially writers-for-hire until their contracts expired in 1968.

The members have denied this over time, and the album was finished about a month before Lennon made his final decision and announced that he would be leaving the band. It was hard to pick a song from this album because there’s so much discord when it comes to Let It Be.
The band almost single-handedly defined the rock and roll music genre, and opened the flood gates to allow musicians such as The Rolling Stones to even have a chance to rise to stardom.
Of course, all four members of The Beatles went on to have budding solo careers, but the body of work these four lads from Liverpool created as The Beatles will always be remembered and admired.
Lennon, on the other hand, had divorced his first wife, Cynthia, and was estranged from their son Julian; he was also addicted to heroin at the time, and his then-girlfriend Yoko Ono had just suffered a miscarriage.

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