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Nearly 200 Free Applications and hundreds of resources to help you get the most out of them!Tools for interactive collaboration, gamification, OER, mobile learning, & so much more!YOURS FREE just for signing up for blog posts! Our students need to be comfortable with the information technologies that are inextricably linked to the 21st century skills the work place requires, and teachers need to help pave the way. In 2006, the Partnership for 21st Century Learning published a report titled, “Are They Really Ready To Work? The ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing (with almost all of today’s written communications in business being conducted digitally).
Teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with others in diverse groups settings (information technologies are increasingly essential to many forms of organizational collaboration).
The ability to innovate and be creative (today’s information technologies empower innovate and creative capabilities in ways not previously envisioned).
To clarify what is meant by “21st Century Skills”, this quote from “21st Century Learning Is Not A Program”, by William Washington (Ed.D. Here again, we see skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, and communication tightly linked to information technologies in the present day world. Clearly it has never been more important for schools to provide students exposure to the information technologies that will prepare them for successful entry in to, and thriving careers in, the present day work place. About Kelly WalshKelly Walsh is Chief Information Officer at The College of Westchester, in White Plains, NY, where he also teaches. Something that you’ve mentioned above is that teachers need to be comfortable with new technology to pave the way for their students.
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To develop the students overall personality to suit the changing needs of corporate world we have designed excellent programme.
This programme is well designed for the corporate employees as it is found an intense need to develop communication level in corporate groups. It is a basic need of today’s era that professionals as well as students are looking towards Stock Market when they have spare money and want to invest with a view to make it multiply. Being  emerging management professional an individual must have a knowledge of an Export- Import of Goods and Services. This is an interesting workshop designed for those who are interested to become an entrepreneur but not having a complete knowledge about stepping in a business.
CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGECHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE This institute is innovative, dynamic, and practical oriented to emerging managers and entrepreneurs. If you are having trouble deciding how to structure your curriculum vitae then use the notes below as guidance to create a CV that makes a good first impression on potential employers.
There are no golden rules regarding CV layouts, therefore it’s advisable to experiment with different layouts and designs until you develop the one that gets you results. A CV reflects you as a person, your skills and your experience, so when choosing and designing a layout take into consideration the length of your work experience, academic qualifications and your skills sets. You wouldn’t turn up for a job interview in torn clothes and walking barefoot would you, but the job hunting equivalent of this is having a disorganized, confused and disjointed CV with unconnected information all over the place. As your CV should be a maximum of two pages long it’s important that try to save as much space as you can. This is the most obvious way of saving space, only include key information that is directly relevant to the job you are applying for. Rewrite sentences and paragraphs so they only include essential content, concentrate on making your words count and have meaning rather than waffling. Most job seekers are prone to repetition in their CVs, sometimes this is a deliberate act to emphasis a particular strength or point. A word of warning, never use jargon or abbreviations to save space, they can make your resume look unprofessional and tacky. Save space by writing these so they fit on one line rather than having a separate line for your name, address, telephone number etc.
If required you can always provide the full contact details later on to any employer who requests them. Tables and cells should be avoided if you intend to send your CV via email in MS Word format. However if you intend to have your CV as a PDF document, then there should be no problems with compatibility, so tables and cells will not pose a problem in any PDF CVs. These are focused on, written for and aimed at one particular job role only and are tailored to a particular job in order to draw attention to your relevant skills and experience. If done properly and depending on the circumstances they can increase your ratio of job application to job interview. Very few job seekers are prepared to spend the time and effort writing a completely targeted CV, so if you have one it is almost certain to stand out. Some employers do not like them because sometimes they cannot see what you have done in each job.

The main drawbacks of a targeted CV is the time and effort it takes to write and adapt a separate one for each job you apply for. What work experience, qualifications and skills do I have that are relevant to the job I am applying for?
Find out what the employer wants by reading the job advert and noting down specific competencies being asked for. Next sit down with a piece of paper and go over your qualifications, work experience and skill sets, then using active descriptions write down those points you feel fit the employers requirements. Finally after collecting all of this information start to layout and write a CV that matches and emphasizes your capabilities with the employers needs.
Unlike standard curriculum vitae’s they are split into sections under a few headings listing your relevant abilities, achievements, experience and educational qualifications. If really want to apply for a position but do not have much relevant work experience then you need to show and focus on your future potential.
Research their company and wow the employer with your knowledge of not only their products but also of the competitors.
Demonstrate your future potential as a employee by giving practical examples of how you would improve their business.
As the name suggests this sort of resume shows off your past performance and is ideal for people who have a long career history.
Employers want to feel confident that the person they eventually employ will improve the company and take problems of their hands. The aim of a performance CV is to clearly demonstrate relevant information and desirable qualities that you want a prospective employer to see. Create an effective CV by including a skills matrix that uses bullet points to list keywords or very short phases that stand out from everything else. This section tends to be at the bottom or lower part of your CV, how low depends on the length of your career and work experience. If you left school with poor grades or dropped out of university and your academic track record is not great then you have no real option but to skim over this section.
If you left university midway through a degree course then it may be worthwhile mentioning this in your CV, but be prepared to give a valid and believable reason for your dropping out. If you are half way through a full time or part time course, for instance a long distance learning or Open University programme then it is worth listing this in your CV.
There is a growing trend for job seekers to create their CV in a MS Word document and to then save it in PDF format. You should always use fonts that are conservative, is easy on the eye and professional looking. Use these to highlight those points you want to get noticed, they could be single words or they could be a short sentence. Now write a brief statement and description of yourself and your career achievements, include your career objectives, aims and what you consider to be your strongest personal traits. In it list those skill sets and career achievements which you feel are relevant to your industry or to the job that you are applying for. If you have a long career history then only mention in detail the most recent ones, there is no real need to explain in detail what you did 20 years ago.
List your academic qualifications including the certificates, dates, locations, colleges or universities and grades. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Employers’ Perspectives on the Basic Knowledge and Applied Skills of New Entrants to the 21st Century U.S.
Many other academic assessments of 21st Century Skills assert this same precept, with some being more precise and assertive than others about the relationship between information technologies and these essential capabilities. In order to do this, our teachers need to be comfortable with a wide variety of technologies, yet many schools across the country and the world at large have been slow to accept and embrace this vital skill set. It is a scientist’s research that the personality of an individual affects his performance, image, progress and happiness in life and career.
Hence by keeping a broad view this course has been designed in which student will get in-depth knowledge of International Trade Policies and Governance, Export Procedure, Documentation, Shipping and Insurance, International Marketing, Export Costing. Such interested and enthusiastic public will be guided by corporate experts along with various business solutions to arising problems with the help of various case studies.
Students are thereby ensured for successful absorption into organizations of their interest. Making sure that the content and information is displayed in an easy to read and concise manner will not only help the hiring manager reading your CV, it can also impress them with your presentation and communication skills. Help the employer as much as you can by making key data and important information easy to find. Be creative and customize your formats so that your CV is unique, interesting, uncluttered and easy to follow.

Make sure you don’t fall into this trap by having a CV that is clearly laid out and correctly organized, where one section naturally leads onto another related one.
The key to achieving this is to decide what essential information you need to include in your resume, ring fence that and then work around everything else.
If you put your mind to it you will be surprised at how by using fewer words you can reduce a paragraph of 100 words to 50 words and still effectively communicate the same message.
It is however unnecessary to keep repeating a specific keyword mantra like in the hope that it will get noticed.
For your work history prior to your last two roles simply give the company name, your job title and your employment dates.
This is because the format of a cell or table can change drastically if the recipients computer is set up differently from yours or if they lack software that can display tables. Every sentence, paragraph and section within it should be developed with the target job and prospective employer in mind.
The way around this particular problem is to include a more broader outline of what you have done in each job. To be done properly prospective employers will have to be researched, along with their industries, products or services as well as the job role. If you are having difficulty choosing what to write consider using words and phrases that appear in the advert. Start by creating a table and in each cell have a bullet point for each keyword, this format also saves you space as you do not have to write a sentence out for each keyword. Focus on displaying those modules, degrees and certificates that are most relevant to the job or your career. Compensate for your lack of academic qualifications by focusing more on your work experience or future potential as a dedicated hard working employee. Throughout your CV layout try to highlight keywords and phrases which are relevant to the roles you are applying for.
Of course, the fundamentals of reading, math, etc., absolutely and undeniably come first, but technology skills are now an essential part of the overall mix. He frequently delivers presentations on a variety of related topics at schools and conferences across the U.S. In the 21st century, this means not only ensuring that students have core competencies such as excellent communication, organization and teamwork skills, but also the ability to use and adapt to new technology and have an innovative mind-set.
Hence first get trained well and enter in market with complete strategy to earn more on your investment. Therefore consciously or unconsciously, every person on this earth is always engaged in some or the other act that concerns the development or projection of his personality, which are helpful in employment life.
Ensure key information about you is flagged up and easy to find as little points like this could be the difference between you being invited to a interview or not.
To help you condense information consider changing your writing style and the way you put sentences together.
Get around this potential problem by rereading your resume and removing points that have been repeated or even said in a different way.
If only a vague job description is given then research the role on the Internet or even call the recruiter up and ask for a more detailed job description. Also ensure that the font size does not exceed 12, unless you want to emphasize a point, for instance is you wish to place sub headings. Instead use bullet points to list key responsibilities and duties that relate to the vacancy you are applying for. Focus on showing that you are an accomplished hard worker who can bring many positive attributes to your new place of employment. Walsh is also an author, and online educator, regularly running Flipped Class Workshops online. Only give the school, college or university name, there is no need to give their full address or contact details, if required you can supply these at a later date.
Try to keep them as brief, relevant and simple as possible, remembering to highlight any keywords. Year over year, the requirement for these skills has continued to expand as businesses and the general population increasingly adopt a wide variety of digital technologies. Whatever information you find you can impress the recruiter by skillfully mentioning it in your curriculum vitae. They will like the fact that the you have gone to the length of investigating them and their products.

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