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Sign up right now for our new summer Adobe workshops in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign on Aug. Congratulations to all of the student media staffs and individual students from Washington state who took awards at the National High School Journalism Convention in Los Angeles. The Ballard Talisman took first place in the Best of Show competition for newspaper tabloid of 17 or more pages -- and who did that newspaper just edge out? Learn the skills you need to keep up with your students and the ever-changing field of journalism. The International Society of Technology Education (ISTE) hosted its annual convention in Philadelphia from Sunday Jun 28th through July 1st. The Future Journalism Teacher Scholarship is an award sponsored by Journalism Education Association. Applying for Future Journalism Teacher Scholarshipname does not have to be a difficult task, if you play your cards correctly. On World Press Freedom Day, the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA) applauds those who champion freedom of expression and support media around the world.
Prof Stephen Ward has called on journalists and journalism educators to promote global journalism ethics, rather than parochial journalism ethics.
The Preconference also featured panels on media coverage of mass shootings, reporting of corruption in the Pacifc (live streamed), and assessment of journalism research.

The issue of journalism academics' use of social media to discuss issues, institutions and individuals has attracted media attention recently. The Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA) supports freedom of expression and opinion that complies with limitations concerning defamation, sub judice, discrimination, incitement to violence, and similar matters. As the professional association for journalism academics, JERAA also supports adherence to the principles espoused in the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance Journalists' Code of Ethics.
In cases where universities and other academic institutions need to investigate complaints about comments made by academics, we urge management to follow proper processes and complete investigations in an impartial, transparent and timely manner. The award, presented by the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia and the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association, was established in 2014 to commemorate the life and work of Professor Anne Dunn. Congratulations also to Stephanie Brookes, from Monash University, who has been awarded the JERAA research grant for 2016.
Following a presentation and discussions at the 2015 JERAA Conference, the JERAA Executive has unanimously agreed that the association should act as publisher of the UniPollWatch website for the 2016 federal election.
The platform helps students in 16 EU countries access more than 12,000 scholarship programs and other forms of financial aid, worth a total of 27 billion Euros.
Financial difficulties are still the number one reason for students aborting or never even starting a higher education course and this new portal aims to help. The portal has researched and categorized over 12,000 scholarships, grants and awards across the whole EU worth more than 27 billion Euros per year.

Journalism Studies (Journal)The Effects of Phonetic Reduction on Actual and Perceived Comprehension by News Audiences.Rearticulating New York Times v. The platform is completely free of charge and can be used by students at the bachelor, masters and doctoral level. The WJEA-sponsored annual event features morning sessions presented by media professionals. The Preconference of 13 July and one-day AGM and Mini-Conference on 2 December will replace JERAA's annual, end-of-year conference in 2016. The site also includes information about scholarships (for example, the most common myths, such as:  not all scholarships are granted on a merit or need-base) with the help of currently more than 6,880 supporters. They will be led by Cleveland High School adviser Teresa Scribner, a former page designer for the Seattle Times.

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