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If Fallout and Left 4 Dead 2 are anything to go by, pretty much anything can be used as a weapon. As I said in step one, a good route to go here is the GTAIV route because, lets face it, it has magic pockets to store your whole armory in. Taking a look at Halo, Quake 4, Aliens Vs Predator and Doom, I think they are on to something here. In case of Nuclear Apocalypse however, it gets a bit more tricky… mainly because most things have been blown to smithereens.
I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. There has never been, nor could there ever be, a more suitable zombie apocalypse survival vehicle. Whether you are looking to take your Steampunk swagger to a whole new level, or survive the all-but-certain zombie apocalypse, there is, and can only be, one vehicle up to such a challenge. It certainly would look good in your driveway, but do I detecta slight twinge of sarcasm in your font when you indicate that the neighbours would like that? Awesome vehicle, but who needs weapons, the zombies won’t die without a decent head-shot anyway, and why open a port to aim, and take any chance of infection?

Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Whether its a magnum you have managed to stash away somewhere on your person, or a frying pan you have found just lying about, anything can be used to beat down the dangers that lurk on the Earth’s surface. But defending yourself is also key to survival, and a good armored suit is the way to go in most cases. In the case of zombies, if you manage to find a huge door that bolts shut then you’re in for a win. That said, you will find some places that have remarkably stayed intact, or you can just find a load of corrugated metal and build yourself a quaint little town, just make damn sure there isn’t a nuclear warhead in the middle of it. Well if games are anything to go by, food and drink will heal your broken bones within seconds. Just ask yourself, do you want to be battling zombies in your busted cavalier or are you going to be be saving lives with steampunk style? Or nuclear war does hit, taking the all the world’s population by surprise and turning everything into a barren wasteland?
Unless you are Duke Nukem of course, then you can just wear a tank top and watch the bullets bounce of your huge pectorals.

These doors can be found on any building – whether it is a block of flats, a country house or indeed an old wooden shack you will be just fine, once said door is bolted shut there will be a plethora of supplies and weapons for you.
Whether it is a hot meal or a nice cool bottle of radiated cola you will feel better, and in no time that bite you got from a crazy dog will heal right up. Having said that, if we take a leaf from Halo’s book, then simply stepping on medi-packs will automatically heal you, or if your feeling hardcore like Duke Nukem then simply kick a toilet in and drink the water. With all this in mind, I have decided to come up with a guide to surviving the Apocalypse, this five-step program will take you through what to expect, covering zombies, nuclear fallout, alien invasion and, if we are super unlucky, hell on earth. Or, if you really wanna analyse your games for the Earth’s inevitable doom, play some GTA IV and see what clothes Niko Bellic is wearing because you can stash a whole array of weapons from pistols and sawn-off shot guns, to full-blown rocket launchers and sniper rifles… handy!
Lets face it, everything out there in post apocalyptic earth is just wanting to rip off your face.

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