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This job is the perfect example of why we look at every vehicle before we schedule the job. It was time for a remote start on my new car and I wasn't going to do the CC or BB store install. Treated Me Like Family Price was great, service was excellent and the owners treated me like family.
Awesome Tinting Job I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU FOR THE AWESOME WINDOW TINTING JOB YOU DID ON MY 2011 FORD FOCUS. Stands Behind Their Work I have been a customer of Mobile Edge for years and they always surpass my expectations each and every time! Happy with Remote Starter I have had many products over the years installed by mobile edge. Excellent service I have done business with Mobile Edge various times over the past few years. Thanks guys Mobile Edge is the only place I would think of going to when I need a remote car starter put in my car. Personal, prompt replies and great advice My review is somewhat unusual, as I ended up going with another dealer, but only because I live 1000 miles away. You guys did a nice job on my window tint, would highly recommend their service, very professional. BOB MICKONIS I JUST WANT TO SEND A SHOUT OUT TO BOB, FOR THE GREAT JOB HE AND THE CREW DO EVERY DAY.
Very professional I recently purchased a vehicle that didn't have satellite radio in it so I took it to the pros at Mobile Edge. BOB MICKONIS I was very very happy with the Mobile Edge knowledge and product they carry, sell and install.
Had my maxima windows tinted last week and Bob and the rest of the guys did a excellent job.

Window Tint Just wanted to say thanks to Bob Mickonis and the crew for doing an excellent job on tinting my front two windows on my Mazda CX 7.
Long distance love affair I drove in from Cincinnati OH to have Mobile Edge install a remote car starter on my Miata. Tinted Windows (Power Wagon) Bob and the Mobile Edge staff did an awesome job making my 2013 Ram Power Wagon look even meaner than it already is. Exceptional Install Bob and the Mobile Edge team did an exceptional job with my 2013 Honda Accord. You can install a remote starter in a standard trans car For some reason, I happened upon the website for Mobile Edge a few years ago. My (just about worthless) Chilton's manual says that there is no fusible links until about 1974-so that eliminates those. Tail,stop,license, parking lamps for 1965-80 has a 15 amp circuit breaker with the location being in the switch". As for the brake switch--I pulled the plug off the brake switch and used a volt meter to see if I could get any reading in the plug--dead zero. The thing that still confuses me is why there is no brake lights and no rear hazards as well but the rear turn signals work. I ordered a head light switch from Rock Auto that is suppose to be here next week in the hopes that the Chiltons chart is some what correct. You'll see that if you pull the connector off of the brake light switch, you should get +12v at the red wire.
Not only was the factory radio not working but, when we looked over the car, we also found that the factory powered antenna was also broken. We know the radio and speaker sizes and what parts are needed to install a new radio in a Ford Focus (and a lot of other vehicles too). Being inside your store compared to most car shops will make a true believer out of anybody!

Working with Mobile Edge was one of the wisest and safest decisions I have ever made on my cars.
I stopped in unannounced today just after lunch because my remote start fob wasn't operating correctly. That red wire links over to the input side of the hazard flasher, and joins with the red-white wire that goes right back to the last fuse on the fuse block. After checking the brake lights I tried the emergency flashers and found that they are working in the front but not in the back.
Clean socket real good make sure if there's any ground wires that there connected and in good condition.
If you don't have power at that connector, then your problem is in those wires or that fuse. Without seeing the vehicle we could have set up the installation and done the work only to find out that the radio was still not receiving AM and FM. I do have rear turn signal lights that work so that tells me that the wiring for the brake lights should be working as well(at least part of it).
That would be frustrating not only for us, but also the client who was expecting to have a working radio when he picked up his car. That would also cause your hazard flashers not to work, but wouldn't affect the turn signals, which have their own flasher.

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