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In a 2011 study by the road safety charity Brake, some worrying statistics were uncovered about the amount of people who have admitted to drowsy driving. A recent experiment which deprived drivers of sleep for 28 hours found that their driving performance was lowered to that of someone with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.1%, which is significantly higher than the legal driving limit.
Thankfully drowsy driving is completely unnecessary, and requires just a few simple common sense rules to avoid entirely. Last but certainly not least, if you feel that you’re just too tired to drive at all, then make alternative travel arrangements. If a feeling of tiredness overcomes you while driving, pull over and do not begin driving again until you feel completely awake. No sensible driver would deliberately put themselves and others at risk on the road, yet drowsy driving is doing just that. Sometimes chewing on something crunchy like peanuts or ice can also help you to stay awake while driving.

While many of us may consider true drowsy driving to be an extreme event only possible when driving long distances in the middle of the night, it can in fact happen on trips of any length, at any time of the day or night depending on levels of the driver’s sleep deprivation. Some 12.5% of UK drivers said that they had gone behind the wheel while tired, and an alarming 86% confessed to not taking rest breaks when tired on long journeys.
As a rule of thumb these should be around fifteen minutes of rest for every two hours of driving.
While these high-caffeine drinks are great for short bursts of alertness they can’t be relied on for constant energy over a period of several hours, and a state of being over-caffeinated through too many drinks can be problematic to sleep quality later on.
By getting a good quality sleep, applying a common sense approach and reacting to your tiredness levels with food, drink and rest will ensure that you can avoid drowsiness and stay safe on the road. It’s almost ironic that you can nearly fall asleep while driving a car, but struggle to fall asleep in your own bed at night. They can talk to you or even keep an eye on you to make sure you don’t doze off while driving.

Get some of your favorite treats to nibble on while you drive, but make sure the snack isn’t individually wrapped, that can be a distraction. So, if driving is a regular part of your day then you simply must make sure that you are suitably refreshed with a good night’s sleep.
If you will be driving a long distance, or if you just need help staying awake while driving, check out these tips. Some people aren’t even affected by caffeine, but for others it’s the absolute best thing to help keep them awake while driving.
Just remember that being in a hurry, while driving, is never worth your life or anyone else’s.

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