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According to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association an estimated 40% of adults snore, which is why we’re on the hunt for a miracle cure. Communicate.If he’s sawing logs every night and you find yourself pulling your hair out, the first thing to understand is that his snoring is not (in any way) intentional.
Change sleeping positions.Your man could be snoring simply because of his sleeping position. We know the kind of havoc snoring can cause on a relationship, which is why we enlisted help from Clinical Scientist at Aspen Clinical Research, Danny McCamlie to give us the low-down on what we can do to help banish snoring in our lives for GOOD.So no more fretting ladies!

The influence of gravity increases snoring.”Keep a sleep diary (a little extreme, but it works) and log what position he’s in when he's snoring. Studies have found that people who lose just over 15 pounds find their snoring problems virtually eliminated. Buy a humidifier.One of the main causes of snoring is when the tissues and membranes in the throat and nose become very dry. Alcohol consumption can also cause inflammation of the nasal cavity, creating a narrower pathway for airflow, which can lead to snoring,” says Danny.Keep in mind that although avoiding a glass the glass of wine in the evening has proven to reduce snoring it shouldn’t be considered a cure so let him off from time to time!5.

Consider surgery (as a last resort).If his snoring isn’t getting any better and you’ve tried and tested every possible way then surgery may be an option.
Surgery can help problems associated with hereditary snoring like getting rid of flappy bits to clear the airways.Danny says, “Surgery is always viewed as the last resort to aid snorers in their fight for a quiet night’s sleep.

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