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If you think you or a loved one might currently suffer from sleep apnoea or another sleep disorder, you’ll want to schedule a professional study immediately.
A professional study is legally required before a patient can be diagnosed with sleep Apnoea and prior to any snoring treatment therapy in Sydney. Because sleep Apnoea occurs at night while you should be sleeping deeply, diagnosis isn’t as easy as a quick one-hour visit to your local dentist.

Possible signs you might be suffering from sleep Apnoea include - drooling, dry mouth, restlessness, witnessed Apnoeas, choking or gasping and snoring. Your sleep will need to be monitored by a trained professional who will also use a series of highly specialised instruments to monitor your body through the night. If you fear you might have obstructive sleep Apnoea, please call us today at (02) 9233 3301 or use our online form here to schedule a consultation at our holistic dentistry clinic.

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