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Sleep apnea has even been linked to diabetes as the one of the body's response to the apnea event is to release insulin into the blood stream. CPAP describes a range of devices, but is basically a machine that is connected to a nose or face mask and which pushes or forces air into the airway at a level enough to prevent OSA from occurring. If nothing is done about this scenario, the sleeper is going to repeatedly awaken and suffer from sleep fragmentation.

This is actually a leading disadvantage to the remedy because even a single night of discomfort often leads a patient to abandon regular use of the device. These can be found in all of the varieties listed above.The only way to know the right machine for your needs is to work with the physician, and a sleep clinic, to diagnose the breathing requirements of a sleeping patient. Not only that, but the need to sleep in a single position will also present some difficulties as well.

Many patients visit their dentist to get oral appliances as a way of curing snoring, while many physicians are also referring patients for oral appliances as a reliable and more comfortable method for treating sleep apnea as well.

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