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Halfway through 2013 we take a look at current CPAP products that are considered to be top rated. ResMed Swift FX and Swift FX for Her (61500 and 61540)–Still our all time best selling nasal pillow CPAP mask, the Swift FX series has seen added improvements with the option to add the Bella headgear (Swift FX Bella).  Light-weight and available with multiple pillow size options, the Swift FX is the mask recommend most, especially for new CPAP users. Tap PAP Nasal Pillow Mask (PAP-NP-1000)-This mask is a very unique design with and without headgear options. 3B Willow Nasal Pillow Mask (W1001)-A great affordable nasal pillow mask option with a design very similar to the ReMed Mirage Swift II. ResMed Mirage Quattro (61202)-The original Quattro full face mask has been the gold standard of full face CPAP masks. Philips Respironics Amara (1090203)– Respironics has a ton of Full Face CPAP mask options and it’s hard to say if they just like having that many options available or if all other designs just didn’t cut the mustard. Philips Respironics Wisp Nasal CPAP Mask (1094050)– Kris, our warehouse manager states that his fiance swears by this mask for all of her titrations (his fiance is a registered sleep technologist…shout out to all of our RPSGTs out there) Anyways, the Wisp is certainly a unique mask with it’s clear and fabric frames that somehow look like a hybrid between a nasal pillow mask and a nasal mask. ResMed Quattro Air Full Face Mask– a new and improved version of the original Mirage Quattro, currently available for purchase. ResMed Swift Nano– A nasal style CPAP mask that incorporates the headgear of a Swift FX nasal pillow mask.
Devilbiss Innova with AirGel Nasal Mask-Lighweight gel style mask by Devilbiss, now available for purchase.

You may be asking yourself how can something be top rated and have a con to it, well it not a perfect world and the perfect  CPAP mask that works for everyone hasn’t been created yet (please note the sarcasm since we often state that all faces are not created equal thus not one single CPAP mask will work for everyone), why do you think we carry so many different options.  Anyways, enjoy the reading! I personally use this mask and haven’t found one that I like better ( I should note the disclaimer here that just because I like the CPAP mask and it works great for me does not mean it will do the same for you). The 30 money back guarantee makes this mask a great option to try and if you didn’t like simply return it for a store credit. A stability mouthpiece holds the mask in place and the custom fitting provides a secure fit.
ResMed’s updated version with the Quattro FX series of For Him and For Her has not seen as many positive reviews as the original Mirage Quattro and one can only speculate that the newest Quattro Air Full Face mask is an attempt to phase out the less than popular Quattro FX. So in 2012 Philips Respironics introduced the new and improved Comfort Gel Blue series of nasal and full face CPAP masks and the improvement to the design have taken a great product and made it better.
It’s 2013 release has been well received and the fit pack offers multiple cushions sizes to allow a perfect fit, a great feature when buying a new CPAP mask online and unsure of your size.
Not quite, but Mark comes pretty close to being the one that has tried all the masks (Pilairo and Swift II are his favorites by the way).
There was a flaw to this mask that had been noticed with many of our early customers that purchased it, but we believe Fisher and Paykel has fixed it since (though it was never formally acknowledged) the Pilairo cushion would tear slightly in the same spot on the mask frame.  Other than a minor cushion problem, this one size fits most single headgear strap mask is a great option from our customer feedback groups. Tap PAP offers a 30 Day money back guarantee which will provide you the comfort of knowing you can return the mask within 30 days if it does not work out.

This CPAP mask is extremely affordable and has gotten many positive reviews from our current customers; though I must admit I haven’t tried it yet but I was always a huge fan of the ResMed Mirage Swift II. Hopefully ResMed continues to produce the original Mirage Quattro mask because this classic is a sure fit for comfort and effectiveness for those that must sport the full Face Mask.
Price point and heavy physician prescribing help the Amara make the list of Top Rated Full Face CPAP Mask however I believe customer feedback on this product is going to show it to be Full Face mask of the future for Philips Respironics. With it’s success, we expect the Respironics Comfort Gel nasal will be around for many more years regardless if there are better masks than it on the market.
This mask is very new to the market so the jury is still out on many different questions and ratings such as the average life span of the stability mouthpiece or durability of the cushions and headgear.
Most new users are intrigued by its blue cushion that has an appearance that “it just looks comfortable” however all of the masks use the same silicone materials. We should note that some users of the original ComfortGel mask are not happy with the changes that came with the ComfortGel Blue and thus have moved on to different styles and noted their feedback as being the “gel” just just feel or fit the same.

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