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Use lavender oil for dogs anxiety – an all-natural home remedy to keep your dog calm and stress-free during anxious situations. Many dog owners are turning to natural treatments – such as lavender oil – to reduce anxiety in their dogs. Travel anxiety: Dogs are unaccustomed to moving vehicles, so some may become stressed when travelling.
Noise anxiety: Unexpected or unusually loud noises such as thunderstorms, fireworks or garbage trucks may cause anxiety in dogs.

Lavender oil has powerful soothing, calming effects on a dog’s nervous system so it’s a great natural therapy for treating anxiety in dogs. DISCLAIMER: The content on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Most dog owners are fully aware that some plants can be toxic to their pet, but lavender is not poisonous to dogs. Simply rub a few drops of pure lavender essential oil between your dog’s shoulder blades as a natural insect repellant.

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