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The main concern with high dose melatonin is whether it will turn off the body’s natural melatonin production after a while. I’ve recently started taking melatonin for chronic insomnia and so far it works fairly well. I have been taking melatonin for approximately a month or so now it has worked wonders for me as I have delayed sleep phase disorder. Necesito las indicaciones de un experto, soy paciente que viene sufriendo de insomnio desde hace mas de 40 a consecuencia de surmenach,estoy tomando triptanol x 25 mg siempre,hace 20 anos lo estuve tomando melatonina, tenia que suspender porque me sentia como mareado, cansado, como sonambulo etc, por necesidad deseo volver tomarlo 2 mg diario para dprmir haber que pasara. In fact, after stopping the drugs, and taking melatonin, I’ve noticed the twitching in my arms and legs prior to sleep largely diminished, so I must assume in my case it was exacerbated by those drugs.
The bad thing about melatonin is it is easy to render it not-so-effective by taking it in large amounts.
If you need to take such a high dose, you risk turning off your own bodily production of melatonin after a while. Melatonin IS most certainly a drug – any chemical that we ingest that alters some function of our body is a drug.
While visiting several local pharmacies (five or six by now), looking for replacement for my inexpensive 1gm (1000mg) time release vitamin C tablets (foolishly left behind thinking I could easily find cheaper replacements here), I happened to look for melatonin and DHE. Melatonin can be used as a sleep aid but is not recommended for continual use without talking with your doctor first.
After all, I’ve also read of people taking extremely high amounts of melatonin and seemingly doing ok.
Some people find they have to keep taking melatonin in ever larger doses just to experience any effect, over time.

Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant that has showed to help with many different diseases and disorders. People whose insomnia is not due to melatonin deficiency may only benefit a little from taking melatonin supplements. I asked about this, as I’ve never even heard of over-the counter pills in this size, nor of any therapy that might use it. Melatonin is not some wonder drug though, it works a lot of times, but sometimes not; your millage may vary.
On the other hand, insufficient production of Melatonin can lead to insomnia and even depression.Of course, dogs can have problems sleeping too. Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the body and it is effected by daily activities and environment. But there is no adequate body of research to indicate dosage levels or presleep timing of dose for melatonin and thats why I turned to others who have tried the drug for advice. Studies have shown that light effect Melatonin production, the best light is sunlight and provides positive responses to the hormone production.
Melatonin is a chemical that occurs naturally in the body so its hard to consider it a drug. Lights that cause negative responses, for example, are non-ambient lights such as LED’s which effect Melatonin negatively. Xylitol is, for example, a toxic artificial sweetener and often found in melatonin products.
If you are looking to increase Melatonin production without supplementation, get outside for at least 40-60mins a day.

Other than that, this OTC drug can be given to dogs experiencing sleeping problems or separation anxiety issues.What it Actually DoesThe soothing effects of Melatonin can help most dogs relax and generally feel less agitated. Moreover, exogenous Melatonin, or melatonin you supplement has been shown to reduce testosterone in developing subjects. Just like their human counterparts, frequent and high dosage of tranquilizers bring on depression and even hallucinations.Try melatonin first.
Your best buddy may feel relaxed and even-tempered as soon as the Melatonin begins taking effect. In certain situations, an even safer alternative is Thundershirt.Safe Melatonin DosageWhenever giving medication to your dog, you should always consult with a vet as to the safety of the drug as well as the proper dosage. In the case of Melatonin, you can typically give your dog 3mg for every 35 to 100-pounds but not more than three times per day. Any place that sells vitamins and supplements will likely carry it.Some Safety PrecautionsCompared to so many other drugs, Melatonin is relatively safe for canines but you should avoid giving this to pregnant dogs. In this type of situation, you really should consult a professional to be on the safe side.Conclusion on MelatoninMelatonin can help to keep your panicky or phobic dog more relaxed and rested.
Also, be prudent by starting out with a small dosage before increasing the amount of Melatonin your dog receives.

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