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Drink re-hydrating fluids such as Gatorade to replace potassium if you had diarrhea or vomiting or sweated a lot while exercising.
Fortunately, you can avoid most leg and calf cramps with preventive habits or relieve them with simple home remedies. These cramps usually occur in the calf muscles, but you can also have them in the front or back of your thighs or feet.

Slowly stretch your calf muscle by the pulling your flexed foot towards your head, then relax your foot. Use a hot compress to increase blood to the muscle or take a hot shower if the hot compress doesn't help.
If you have muscle twitches in your legs, you may feel confused or alarmed as to the cause.

Most of these cramps are likely due to benign, preventable, or treatable causes, so see your doctor if you have recurrent leg and calf cramps while sleeping.

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