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Breast Pain71% of women experience breast pain and tenderness as a symptom during week 6 of pregnancy. This week may be the first time you notice any internal symptoms of your pregnancy, although you will not yet "look pregnant." However, the absence of pregnancy symptoms is normal, so do not be concerned. Your nutrition and health during your pregnancy is extremely important, however at this stage in your baby’s development, it is receiving all of its nutrients from its yolk sac. Many mothers wonder how much expressed breastmilk they need to have available if they are away from baby.
In exclusively breastfed babies, milk intake increases quickly during the first few weeks of life, then stays about the same between one and six months (though it likely increases short term during growth spurts).

If your baby is taking substantially more than the average amounts, consider the possibility that baby is being given too much milk while you are away. There are various ways of estimating the amount of milk intake related to the weight of the baby and the age of the baby, based upon formula intake – research has shown that after the early weeks these methods overestimate the amount of milk that baby actually needs. Older children, over age 6 years, can use the regular Food Guide Pyramid (pictured below), which shows that they should have 3-5 servings of foods from the Vegetable Group, and 2-4 servings from the Fruit Group.
However, Professor Walter Willett, chairman of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, says there's little evidence to justify such recommendations, claiming such measures are 'likely to cause harm to some people'.
These are the estimates that we used for breastfed babies for years, with the caveat that most breastfed babies don’t take as much expressed milk as estimated by these methods.

Instead, his or her diet, over a period of a week or two, should average out to the recommended servings. Depending on how far away she is, I might be able to get there myself.Just to update you that Des is eating much more than when I first posted.

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