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Occlusion is the study and science of the way we bite, and the way our teeth, muscles and joints interact with each other. Under these circumstances we may need to prescribe a splint such as the NTI occlusal splint from America, or on occasions, we may have to use a full coverage splint, which covers the biting surfaces of all your teeth. These splints then relieve stress on your teeth, muscles and jaw, and help reduce further headaches and tooth wear. Many people unconsciously clench and grind their teeth when they are asleep as well as when they are awake.
Whether or not bruxism causes pain and other problems may be a complicated mix of factors such as your sleeping habits, how much stress you are under, your ability to relax and your diet in addition to the alignment or misalignment of your teeth. Your dentist will first check your teeth thoroughly to determine if there is any malocclusion or misalignment.

If your teeth are in proper alignment, your dentist will ask you a series of questions to determine the underlying reason behind your stress or anger and will accordingly recommend professional stress counseling or anger management therapy. While most people consider this as just an annoying but harmless habit, the fact is teeth grinding or bruxism is a health concern that needs to be addressed. Excessive stress disrupts an individual’s sleep cycle, which causes the person to clench their teeth unconsciously while sleeping. If your teeth are not properly aligned, your dentist will prescribe the use of splints, mouth guards or any similar protective dental device to be worn while sleeping. Migraine type headaches are closely related to the muscle pain that develops during clenching and grinding activity so NTI-TSS mouthguards have proven very effective as a treatment for migraine headaches (in fact the NTI-TSS mouthguard is approved by the FDA as the only non-drug based treatment for migraine in the USA). Call us today at Midtown Dental and set up an appointment so we can do a proper evaluation and recommend the proper treatment for you.

Frustration and suppressed anger typically cause a person to clench their teeth during the day.
Children under the age of 7 tend to grind their teeth to relieve the itchiness caused by the erupting teeth.
In some cases, crowns or overlays may be used on the teeth to reshape them for better chewing.

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