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Driving at night causes drowsiness if you have not slept well and especially if you already lack sleep from previous days.
As much as 30 percent of the general population experiences EDS -- daytime drowsiness or sleepiness occurring throughout the day that can include irresistible sleep attacks. Previous research has associated EDS with obesity, depression and sleep apnea, but the new study is the first to use physiologic sleep data to infer causation and investigate mechanisms. The association between body mass index and sleepiness was independent of sleep duration, meaning obese people may be tired during the day no matter how much they sleep at night. The researchers also found that a minority of people with EDS have a physiologic sleepiness disorder of the central nervous system. Driving a car when enjoy the holiday can be a fun activity for the family, but especially for the driver seemed not always so. Fatigue can also result in loss assessment and response to the road conditions, the driving ability of the event to be decreased.

Driving including exhausting activity, the article while behind the wheel all the senses are always alert and relatively quickly make the body spends energy.
Sunlight has a direct impact on the human body and exposure to sun light makes you active and fully awake and indirectly will help the problem of drowsy driving.
Fat cells, particularly from abdominal fat, produce immune compounds called cytokines that promote sleepiness, among other effects. Safety key when driving is on the driver responsibility, then there are various things that need to be considered, especially in anticipation of fatigue.
If it is a medication you are taking that is causing insomnia, consult your health care provider.
To avoid irregularities while driving, especially due to sleepiness, one must ensure to have a good night sleep before going to work the next day. They say these findings could lead to more personalized sleep medicine for those with excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS).

Although it may seem logical to assume that sleep apnea causes fatigue in obese people, the study refutes this.
If you have a long commuting distance from work to home that can also lead to drowsiness at time of driving home. It is very common for drivers to micro sleep while driving when you fall asleep for a second and immediately wake up realizing you are on the road. Also, remember never to drink and drive at night as it can cause double trouble for you and get you arrested for drunk driving and finally, avoid drowsy driving at all times as it is very dangerous.
If you feel restless and irritated, are having disconnected thoughts, missing traffic lights and exits, having trouble keeping up the head and drifting and changing lanes, you should stop driving immediately.

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