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There are several different options for treatment of sleep apnea, depending upon the severity of the apnea, the cause of the apnea, and the patient’s preferred mode of treatment.
A CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) forces oxygen into the patient’s nose and mouth while he or she sleeps.
Once a sleep study has been conducted and evaluated, we can discuss your diagnosis and help to decide what treatment option is best for you.
The Myerson® EMA custom appliance is an oral appliance created for noninvasive treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Contact or call our office today to explore the best option for you and your snoring or sleep apnea. Tonsil or adenoid removal when warranted is another surgical choice, but again quite invasive and painful for adults. Customized night guards, which keep the lower jaw open and slightly forward are effective in maintaining an open airway and keeping the tongue from blocking the back of the throat while sleeping.

Many patients who have failed to continue the use of their CPAP opt to have a mouth appliance fabricated. Patients have found these appliances to be more comfortable than the alternative treatments, resulting in high compliance. Often times, people that use a CPAP regularly prefer to use a mouth appliance in conjunction; or other times when a CPAP is inconvenient. The dorsal fin holds the jaw in a forward position preventing it from falling back and the airway collapsing. There are many different options for surgical treatment and they should be tailored to the individual patient’s needs.
Using surgery as an alternative to CPAP is sure to be an attractive option for many but it is also a drastic one with a number of risks. These oral devices look like mouth guards, the difference being they move the tongue or lower jaw forward, opening the airway making it easier to breathe.

Although not suitable for patients with severe OSA, when used correctly, this form of treatment is safe and relatively reliable. When you breathe out , however, the valve closes and air is forced out through a smaller channel. The biggest drawback is the cost, which works at around $2 per night, more expansive than CPAP in the long run.AcupunctureThe final procedure in this guide to alternatives to CPAP is a treatment that will be familiar to many but perhaps not widely associated with sleep apnea.
Researchers in Brazil have been studying the potential of acupuncture as a viable, affordable substitute for CPAP treatments.

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