Time sheets record the duration of the shift before the management will multiply the hourly pay rate to determine the wages of the workers.
In most companies, the workers are given a ‘time card’ or ‘punch in’ which is inserted into an automatic time stamp machine in the beginning and ending of their shifts.
Apart from calculating payrolls, the time sheet further provides basic information about the worker’s capacity, gauging the overall cost of the project and whether the company can cut down on any expenses.

To calculate wages for a day, multiply the number of hours worked with the hourly wage rate. You can do this through an electronic calculator, or Excel sheet by entering the start time in a particular cell, for example B1 which will be referred to as ‘In’. If you are looking to calculate time sheets then you can follow some simple guidelines to help you out.

Each sheet can be linked to a master sheet which will update as you work on the record keeping.

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