Threats were made to nine Massachusetts schools in Boston, Weymouth, Arlington, Falmouth, Bourne, Mashpee, and Barre on Friday, police said. In high school, it started at 7:40, but now in college, it starts whenever I have class lol.
The least you can do is pretend to stay awake rather than say this phrase and remove all doubt.

From Billy needing braces to Mandy's bad day at school, save the parenting talk for postcoital spooning if you must.
When I moved into the Finnish system later I only had to go to school whenever I had class, and the schedule's changed every term so on some terms I'd only have two hours a day and they could even start as late as 3pm. Since I don't want to wake up at six I wake up at 7 and haul ass so I can get dressed and fed before I get to school.

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