This phenomenon of sleep talking may seem very innocent at first but deep within, it is much more grave a problem. I suspect this is in part due to the difficulty of identifying suitable subjects, and because it’s not considered to be a serious sleep problem.Sleep talking is thought to be partly genetic, and more common in males. Someone suffering from sleep talking may murmur, use words not used regularly in everyday life which makes it difficult to decipher what the person is actually saying. It’s most commonly seen in children and it’s estimated that around 50% of children will sleep talk at some point. And in some cases it can even start in adulthood, though this may be a sign of an underlying medical condition developing.If you live by yourself you probably don’t even know if you sleep talk. Statistics show that 5 percent of adults talk in their sleep even though it is found to be more common among males as compared to females.
But as the night progresses the quantity and order of each stage can change.For example, you’ll usually have more deep sleep in the first third of the night and more REM sleep later on. But, if your sleep talking is so severe a problem that it disturbs your partner, then visiting a physician is a must.

It’s believed that deep sleep is the most likely time for sleep talking.If you sleep in an unfamiliar place, or if a child is moved while sleeping. You can however, reduce the occurrence of sleep talking by following these tips: Follow a regular sleep schedule and maintain a sleep diary. Note down the time that you went to bed, the time when you must have probably fell asleep and finally the time when you finally woke up.Get adequate sleep, about 8-9 hours or which makes you less drowsy throughout the day.
You can read more in my article about  REM sleep behavior disorder.So if you, or someone in your house, are doing this you’ll probably know about it. When I asked what they were doing, they said “I’m stirring the soup!” Night terrorsUsually experienced by children, night terrors are like a more extreme version of nightmares. You might try limiting caffeine and alcohol in your diet.Make sure you get enough sleep, and try to manage any serious stress in your life. There are some free ones, but if you want to avoid pop-up adverts then a good one is Sleep Talk, which you can find on the iTunes or Android app store.I used the Sleep Talk App and found it to be very easy to use. You simply click on one of the bars and play to hear what was going on during the night.It’s clear from some of the reviews of this and other Apps that many of people use them merely for fun.

It is destroying my relationship as my other half will no longer sleep with me and now, I’m afraid of sleeping. I have no other place to sleep but my office chair which causes my ankles and knees to swell up, but he needs the bed because he has such a difficult, physical job. I hate and dread sleep these days since I cannot have a decent rest without talking through my my dreams. You can’t be sleeping on the office chair every night for the rest of your life!I recommend taking a trip to the doctor to see if they can help. I think it’s sometimes important to accept that strange things can happen in our sleep.

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