Welcome to All Snoring Solutions, where we will help you with common snoring and sleep apnea problems with advice from our writers tips from readers. There are many way to prevent snoring and certain techniques that help you and your partner get a quiet night sleep.  There are also many different types of devices you can use, which we will cover in great details on this site. The National Sleep Foundation estimates that nearly 37 of the 90 million American adults that report snoring are regularly howling beasts in their sleeping state.
It’s important that the more serious snoring conditions such as OSA can be detected as early as possible. If you’re loved one is a snorer and you are looking for a snoring related Christmas gift and have an iPhone then look no further than a new snoring app. Snoring is often caused by physical features such as a large uvula, which requires oral surgery. Snoring can be a real disruption to a person sleep, though more often than not its not the snorer who suffers it’s the person they are sleeping with who is kept awake all night long.
It may sound trivial but curing snoring could well be one little tip that could have a big improvement on many peoples marriages.
If snoring is causing you or your partner to lose sleep it might be time to stop snoring and get back to a happy harmonious marriage. Love – most relationships will start with this but how many will lose it along the way. Friendship – not only should you be friends with your partner but should allow them to have friends outside of the relationship as you will both need your own space every now and then. We all know that snoring can be a real pain and can hamper your sleep but it could also put serious strain on your sex life and relationships.
Some people may be lucky enough to be able to stop snoring quite easily while other find their condition much more severe, either way it is worth investigation solutions to the problem to help keep your relationship on track and stay productive in the work place. There are a million and one ways in order to help you stop snoring, unfortunately not all of them work as there is not one definitive cause of snoring. For some people there snoring is a result of breathing through your mouth rather than your nose. If this New Year you have made a resolution to stop snoring then you are in luck as there are many different solutions to help you keep your resolution. Some peoples snoring is caused by sleeping on there back so why not try sleeping on your side in 2009 and see if that makes an impact on your snoring. Avoid eating large meals or rich food before you go to bed, not only does this help reduce snoring but has health benefits as eating right before going to sleep is know to help pile on the pounds. If all else fails you may want to see your doctor as there are a number of procedure available to help cure your snoring if it is severe though these are usually last chance salon options to help you stop snoring. Smoking can irritate the lining of the throat and nasal passages causing swelling and catarrh. Sleeping position can affect snoring if you sleep on your back, your tongue, chin and any excess fatty tissues under your chin will relax and squash your airways.
Diets, especialy poor ones,  can cause snoring by adding extra weight and pressure on your airways.

Many snoring aids available may be able to help cure your problem as will a reduction in drinking and smoking plus eating a healthy diet. Basically your body becomes a musical instrument while sleeping due to vibrations of soft tissues in your mouth and throat caused by your breathing. Not only does this snoring affect the sufferers’ quality of life, as the disrupted sleep is linked to tiredness and can impair daily functioning, but the same affects are true for their bed mates that suffer from the effects of their disturbing snoring too. The experiment showed that there are more proteins present in the urine of children diagnosed with serious snoring than those who suffer with safe snoring. OSA or obstructive sleep apnoea can cause a range of problems in children such as mental, behavioural, metabolic and cardiovascular problems. By doing this they discovered three proteins with a high concentration in children with OSA.
The record was designed to highlight the problem of snoring, which is said to affect around 15 million people in the UK alone. However it is much more common for the shape of an airway to influence snoring as a result of a pronounced overbite or other facial feature such as a recessed chin or small jaw. Caffeine, alcohol and smoking are all stimulants which have the ability to cause a restless night.
If you do start feeling a bit dozy in the afternoon why not take up the fine English tradition of having an afternoon tea with some delicious cakes, if however you do decide to nap try to make sure it last no longer than 30 minutes. There are a number of different cures for snoring available which try to fix the different types of snorers (there are many different causes of snoring) so why not give one of them ago.
There are a number of different snoring aids available to help you eliminate your snoring problem. Often it’s not just a simple case of hoping love will stay with you, sometimes you are really going to have to work hard at keeping it.
Each year it is estimated billions is lost at work to a lack of productivity caused by lack of sleep because we all find it much harder to concentrate when we are tired. Of those surveyed who said they snored 21% considered them selves less attractive as a result of their snoring.
With the airway reduced air is squeezed through which causes the soft tissue in the throat to vibrate causing the snoring sound. The snoring is usually a result of the weight of you body applying extra pressure of your airways. Whether you are doing this for yourself or for a loved one there are a number of ways to stop snoring. Try sleeping on a thicker pillow or multiple pillows as often the angle of your head can make a big difference to your snoring. Losing weight is also a great way to reduce snoring, so if you are caring a few extra pounds then heating healthily and exercising wont only make you look and feel better but will reduce your snoring too.
If however they after all this snoring still occur it might be worthwhile to consult your doctor. We all know that lack of sleep is bad for us and can seriously affect our ability to function well, what we may not realise is that lack of sleep could also be making us fat!

One of the most common causes of sleep deprivation is snoring, not only for the snorer but for there long suffering partner.
Researchers have stated that further work is needed to identify which proteins will work best for the test and a what time it is best to collect the urine samples.
The app does this by recording the snoring and then comparing it to a list of pre-recorded snores. If you are in this high risk group it is important that you seek treatment to stop snoring.
In these instances snoring aids can help to correct the airway shape to help reduce the chances of the tongue or soft palate restricting airflow and causing snoring. However it is advised that exercise be ideally carried out in the morning or during the day as exercising to close to bed time can have a negative impact. These can range from simple things such as wearing nose strips and mouth guards to surgery or even sleeping with a tennis ball. 10% felt so embarrassed by their condition that they put of sleeping with a new partner for fear of embarrassing themselves by snoring after sex, a common problem among men. Many simply fit into your mouth like a gum shield, some are a simple strip over your nose to help you breathe others can be more advanced. If your partner does snore its time you seriously started looking into some snoring cures to help give you that all so important nights sleep. A mouth piece such as this will alleviate snoring and thus reduce sleep apnea and it’s potential to induce more serious conditions.
Alcohol should be avoided at least a few hours before going to bed, Caffeine found in coffee and to a lesser extent tea and fizzy drinks should not be drunk close to bed time, and ideally coffee should be cut out of your diet after lunch. These straps work by physically closing your mouth making you then breathe naturally through your nose. Smoking has a number of negative affect on a persons sleep, from being a contributory factor to snoring to nicotine acting as a stimulant and withdrawal symptoms during the night causing a disturbed sleep. Snoring is also putting many single people of from starting relationships as they think their snoring may scare away potential partners. The advantage of such snoring aids is that it tries to solve the root cause of the snoring, it is also quite cost affective as one gum shield should last you a long time. As the air pushes through the smaller opening, the tissues surrounding it are stimulated which results in that annoying sound of snoring. This results in restricted air flow and potentially an airway blockage by the soft palate at the back of the mouth or by the uvula.

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