During sleep, these muscles relax and the throat sags inwards, causing air turbulence, particularly as we breathe in. I am slowly losing weight(only got another 3 stone to go!) Last night I used a snoring app and it recorded an average of 41db. Snoring occurs when the roof of the mouth (soft palate and uvula – the uvula is the piece of tissue that dangles at the back of the throat), and sometimes the base of the tongue as well, starts to vibrate intermittently as a result of excessive turbulence.
First product: chin strap for snoringIt is made of material, which looks like a cloth and must be wrapped to the top of the head and around the chin.

One of these kinds at first must be molded and after that it can be fitted into mouth and you can do it yourself. Second type of such mouth guard can be fitted only by a dentist, because it is mandibular advancement device, which may move the jaw (and the tongue) to the anterior; then help in lifting the soft palate. Thus there is a reduction of vibration and improving of breathing.Therefore, we examined some of the best means of getting rid of snoring.
If you are worried about snoring, then you should try one of the described products and start to sleep calmly at night.

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