You can save on Advil PM and other Advil products now, so you can get a healing night’s sleep with helps one get a good night’s sleep!! This is a constant theme on Maybe I Will, but really, people, exercise also helps one get a good night’s sleep! In the midst of raising 3 adorable kiddos, I created Maybe I Will to share my health and fitness tips, drool worthy recipes, and killer workouts! I actually daydream about being able to stop what I am doing and put down the list of 100 million things I need to get done to take a nap.

Then I take time to process and prioritize my day with what needs to get done right away and what can wait. So happy to have great steps and products like Advil PM to make sure I get that must needed rest! Your body craves consistency, and if you can keep your sleep schedule consistent, it will help! It helps me get to sleep and stay asleep, which helps my body heal and recover from the crazy I threw at it!

Since the majority of us do not have the luxury of day napping, it is even more important that we make sure the sleep we do get at night is quality! I know some articles you read will tell you to turn off your phone or TV before bed, but for me, that is how I unwind!

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