Not only does Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander direct the first fresh ‘Til Death episode on February 14, but former Blossom star Mayim Bialik (pictured in the second photo below) guest stars on the second episode, along with returning players and real-life couple Kevin Nealon and Susan Yeagley. A sleep study to determine if 25-year-old Brandon Harris suffered from sleep apnea turned out to be deadly. Harris was sent to the Emory Sleep Center at Wesley Woods according to his doctor’s referral.

They also said in a written statement last year that the sleep center has performed 15,000 sleep studies since the 1990s. However, his sleep apnea comes with a little twist: when treatment helps end the snoring, poor Joy suddenly realizes that the nighttime noise actually helped her sleep. The video camera designed to capture Harris sleep patterns recorded the last few hours of his life.

His family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit as well as proposing a new bill for tougher regulations of Georgia’s sleep centers.

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