If you have come to this site you are probably experiencing a lot of pain that you have tried to deal with by ignoring it, talking to your friends, or possibly just suffering in silence. I specialize in Adults and Adolescents that are experiencing Depression and Anxiety from a variety of reasons.
Sometimes those things work for a while, but eventually your feelings start to make you begin to feel overwhelmed.

Many of my clients were sexually or emotionally abused as children and are experiencing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Some of you may be struggling with a diagnosis of Chronic Pain or Chronic Illness which can cause emotional depression.
Soon you will be sleeping through the night awakening feeling positive about our relationships, your job, and your family.
While it is based in Morgan County, the house has worked with schools and other parts of the neighboring counties, stretching as far as Burlington."We are working with kids from all over the district," Bragg said.

The Child Advocacy Center provides a warm child-friendly setting for the forensic interview while ensuring children and their families receive effective and sensitive support.

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