While it looks different than a traditional pillowcase, this design has been proven to help end snoring and mild sleep apnea. Categories: Bed Pillows, Bedding, Home and Kitchen, Kitchen and Dining Features, Snore Relief Pillows. Nora is a smart, non-invasive snoring solution that is designed specifically to stop snoring before it wakes up a sleeping partner.Equipped with a smart sensor, once Nora detects the earliest sounds of snoring, it gently and slowly moves the pillow to restore natural breathing without disturbing the sleep of either partner.

He built the first prototype to mimic this slow movement and was impressed by how effectively it reduced the snoring without waking up the snorer.Impressed by results from early prototypes, others saw the game-changing potential of Nora and collaborators joined the team.
However the team wants to push the limits of their product category and explore correlation of snoring with factors like nutrition and physical activity. With the addition of the mobile application the team, along with their scientific advisors, plan on analyzing sleep and snoring data and alert users if they need to consult with their family doctor based on patterns that signal potential medical problems.

Epileptic seizure during sleep
Sleep apnea test
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