A snoring pillow is easy enough to use: it is enough to simply lay your head on it according to the instructions, and it will align your neck to open up your airway. Although the SnoreLess Pillow itself is very comfortable and unlike other anti snoring devices or products, does not have to be wrapped around head or put into your mouth (good thing!) it is definitely not a solution for everyone.
Now, when it comes down to this category of snoring product, it really is all about comfort.
Those looking for feather pillows with these particular headrests are going to simply be out of luck. Anti snoring pillows are made to offer immediate results, which does make sense if the alignment scenario works for you.
Well, first off you should know that considering this site reviews a lot of snoring mouthpieces, we are always going to be biased towards them as opposed to any other device. Snoring pillows, on the other hand, are always going to be one of those products that has its fans, but also has a large contingent of people that purchased one hoping that their snoring would stop, and ended up unsatisfied. However, their efficiency is questionable, since many of them are nothing but really comfortable pillows.

The fact is, many of the positive reviews built around these items tends to focus more on the quality of sleep that is possible, as opposed to straight-up snore stopping ability.
Almost all of the pillows in the anti snoring category are hypoallergenic, yes, but down is not going to provide the necessary rigidity that is necessary for proper neck alignment.
Additionally, any shoulder and neck pain will be reduced, because of the high comfort level these pillows offer. The reasons I’ve stated above (like you must sleep on your back, and not move) simply ensure that snoring pillows are simply not going to work for 100% of the people, 100% of the time. The Snoreless Pillow seems to be an exception to this rule, and many customers have confirmed that this product is beneficial when their snoring is very mild to start with. Anti snoring pillows have become very popular lately, so every year another company tries to prove its pillow is the best to buy. Usually, the best quality pillows, such as the SnoreLess, of course, are made of special memory foams, or just more rigid versions of your classic memory foam.
Another interesting note is that the SnoreLess, as well as other copycat pillows on the market, pretty much rely on you sleeping on your back.

While certainly this does change mildly depending on the model, these are the types of materials that are in most high-end non-snoring pillows. You just lay your head down on something that is probably more comfortable and better constructed than that pillow you bought for $15 at Target. So, if you are one of those people looking for a really comfortable, expensive pillow, the SnoreLess Pillow might be a good idea mainly because it changes your sleeping alignment as well. But really, if you are looking to something like the SnoreLess pillow to completely revolutionize your sleep and eliminate your snoring forever, you are barking up the wrong tree.

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