Perhaps the most common anti-snoring remedy purchased in the United States, they attempt to relieve snoring by targeting nasal congestion.
Our treatments are all performed in our offices and our patients can immediately return to their regular activities. At The Snoring Center, our board certified physicians address the specific sources of snoring and utilize simple, yet advanced minimally invasive, office-based procedures to treat our patients. You deserve relief from your problem snoring…and you deserve the type of relief enjoyed by tens of thousands of our patients.

Many women who suffer from problem snoring are too embarrassed to seek treatment because of the fear of an implied social stigma. However, most snoring originates in the throat, so these strips only address a small part of the problem. More importantly, they can’t afford to waste time with snoring treatments that aren’t proven and can’t provide long-term snoring relief. In some cases, these remedies may have some success, but they are all ineffective in diagnosing and treating the physiological problems that cause the snoring to begin with.

We take a rational, reasonable and prudent approach to providing significant, long-term relief from snoring.

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