As difficult as it may be to try and sleep next to a snoring person, don't take it personally. Make sure your new room is far enough away, or quiet enough, to ensure that you are not still able to hear any snoring.
If your partners palate is the cause of their snoring, their doctor may recommend palatal implants. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) may be recommended if your partner has excess or loose tissue in or around the throat.
Snoring can be difficult to sleep next to, however, the snorer can usually work to reduce the amount and frequency at which they snore. Snoring among couples is common, and I believe most of us have had the experience of being with a partner who snores.
Snoring in relationships often fosters deep resentments between the couple, which can erode their feelings for one another and damage their partnership and sometimes s*x life. There are several tips online on what one can do to minimize snoring.  I have listed several that I know works because I have experimented them before.

Another thing you can do when your partner snores is to put a pillow over his face until he stops. Certain foods such as alcohol, caffeine and dairy products aggravate snoring, so you may want to avoid these foods before bedtime if you are the one with the problem.
In the UK, anyone who shares a bed with a snorer is likely to have suffered many sleepless nights wishing the snoring stopped. According to MGM Advantage, the retirement income specialists, sufferers of Sleep Apnoea (OSA) – of which heavy snoring is a symptom – can receive extra money in retirement via an enhanced annuity. Although often times undesirable, if you are unable to sleep next to a snoring person, you may, want to sleep apart from one another. This will make it awkward for your partner to sleep on their back and forces them to sleep in another way.
By reducing the amount your partner smokes, the chances of snoring occurring will also be reduced. If other options have not put an end to the snoring, ask your doctor about surgical options.

These are strands of polyester filament that are placed within the soft palate the mouth, which stiffen and prevent snoring. Some snores are bearable and manageable, while others are not.  Everyone needs and deserves a good night sleep, so when that privilege is taken away by a snoring partner, your night becomes miserable. Well, they (and their partners) can now breathe a sigh of relief because it turns out there could be a positive side to the condition – thousands of pounds extra income in retirement. Learn how to block out the sounds of snoring and to help whoever is snoring to reduce the amount they snore. Have your partner visit your doctor to determine exactly what the cause of their snoring may be.

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