Once the nose bands are applied to the nose they work to attempt to re-straighten back to their original shape and as they do this they will gently lift each side of your nose and consequently open your nasal passages.
They aren’t one dimensional in relation to their purpose, as you might consider anti snoring mouthpieces for example. They help people improve breathing for a multitude of reasons and at the same time they can treat snoring as well. The impressive 4-point technology focuses to work on known key touch points to open up the nose more completely.

The special extra strong and sticky adhesive holds the strip firmly but comfortably in place. These strips are normally used when the user experiences heavy congestion or for those people who snore. They have a large range and they are the cheapest I have found.You can access the Amazon site automatically if you simply click on any of the images above.
It will take you to the exact Breathe Right Strip you have clicked on.You can then take a look around the Amazon site and chose the best one for you.

If you read some of the marketing distributed by Breathe Right, they suggest the strips can work however I am not overly convinced.
I suffer from hay fever and they help in this respect, plus when I have had a head cold they help me breathe at night when I go to bed.

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