I'm wondering if Adrienne isn't in the earliest stage of LADA, and whether she should have an antibody test. For reasons that aren't entirely clear, people with diabetes have thyroid trouble at much higher rates than folks who don't have diabetes.And the primary symptoms of an under-active thyroid are lying around the house, sleeping, and ignoring your wife to the point she is driven crazy. Lazy thyroid is easily fixed with a daily generic pill.The other thing that makes a man lie around the house all day, sleep, and ignore his wife to the point she is driven crazy is depression.

Hell, if you lose 10% of your body weight, you'll be on the cusp of underweight.But the lab tests showed something is up with your body. I think you should test it a lot, and use the meter as a tool to better understand when your blood sugar is elevated and when it isn't.
I think you need to know more about the enemy before you can plan an attack.So test, test, test.

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Depression through sleep deprivation
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