Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience in a woman’s life but this experience comes with its own set of challenges. Braxton hicks contractions are painless, intermittent contractions that can happen after the first trimester of pregnancy. Expectant moms are inundated with information about what and what not to do during pregnancy. A sleeping bean serves the same purpose as a small pillow or wedge but is shaped like a column. A sleeping bra -- soft, nonrestrictive and typically made of cotton -- is ideal for a little nighttime support and a less heavy feeling. Sound sleep is beneficial for the health of a pregnant woman.Unfortunately, sleeping problems bother most women throughout pregnancy.
The physical changes that occur during pregnancy are largely responsible for sleeping problems.
In a recent study, researchers from Washington University have observed that pregnant women who sleep for less than five hours in the night have a higher risk of experiencing problems during birth.

According to the researchers, women who sleep for less than five hours during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy have the greatest risk of developing pre-eclampsia. A few changes in your routine can help you get a comfortable and peaceful sleep during pregnancy. Pregnant women need excess sleep in the first trimester of pregnancy.During this stage of pregnancy, women tend to experience excessive daytime drowsiness. During the last trimester, general physical discomfort, low back pain, heartburn, frequent urination, leg cramps and fetal movements tend to disturb sleep.Sleep apnea might develop due to inflammation of the nasal passage during pregnancy, which might disturb sleep. They are ten times more likely to develop pre-eclampsia.Pre-eclampsia is a serious health complication that raises the blood pressure level of pregnant women. As a woman gets the news of her pregnancy, the first thing she cuts out of routine is exercise. As a pregnant woman becomes accustomed to pregnancy-related changes, her quality of sleep usually improves in the second trimester of pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones can cause nasal congestion and dryness of nasal lining, which causes sleeping difficulties.

In addition, sleep helps to stabilize the levels of hormones vasopressin and endothelin associated with constriction and dilation of the blood vessels.Although adequate sleep is beneficial for pregnant women, oversleeping might slightly increase the blood pressure level in the last phase of pregnancy.
Hot bath, reading a book just before the bed can relax you allowing you sound sleep during pregnancy. Scientists speculate that excessive sleeping could be sign of depression or breathing problems during sleep that might push up the blood pressure level.
A good massage just before sleeping will unwind all your stress and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

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