In Alberta, 11 year-old Matthew also suffers from bouts of extreme sleepiness and cataplexy.
Matthew now takes five pills a day to help control his narcolepsy and cataplexy and must nap at school to stay alert. The spike in narcolepsy, particularly among children, has also been reported outside North America, with cases in China and across Europe. His research is also showing most of the children affected by the outbreak -- had a genetic predisposition to narcolepsy. By 2013, there were 800 children with narcolepsy who had been linked to vaccination against the flu across Europe, with doctors reporting more cases emerging in adults. Mignot believes the combination may have created a perfect storm -- a virus that could trigger narcolepsy, children with a genetic predisposition to the disorder and a vaccine containing a potent adjuvant that may have made those children all the more susceptible.
In an e-mailed statement to W5 they wrote: “Epidemiological data currently available to GSK suggest an increased risk of narcolepsy following vaccination with Pandemrix (H1N1). W5 traveled to Dublin to meet members of Sufferers of Unique Narcolepsy Disorder (SOUND), a group representing 60 children struggling with narcolepsy and cataplexy. Researchers in Quebec have reported a four-times increased risk of narcolepsy after vaccination, compared to those who did not receive the vaccine.

Whitmans said some of her patients in Alberta developed narcolepsy symptoms after the vaccination with Arepanrix. Christine and Ian are looking into how their perfectly healthy daughter developed symptoms of severe narcolepsy, shortly after being hospitalized with a flu like infection in 2011. Australia’s News Limited reports Chloe Glasson began suffering from narcolepsy four months after being injected with Pandemrix, a vaccine to combat against swine flu, in November 2009.
GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer behind Pandemrix, said in a statement they are researching how narcolepsy is reportedly triggered for some by the drug.
But doctors know that narcolepsy needs an environmental trigger -- a virus or infection that destroys cells that regulate the wake sleep cycle. Emmanuel Mignot, director of the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, and one of the world’s leading experts on narcolepsy.
The Scandinavian studies were supported by research from France, Norway, Ireland and the UK with some scientists reporting a seven to 13-times higher risk of narcolepsy after vaccination.
It is something that is supposed to boost the immune response and together with the H1N1 it just produced a too strong immune response and then it increased the risk of developing narcolepsy," said Mignot. Mignot wants the public to understand that the increase in narcolepsy cases seems to be the result of a perfect medical storm -- a powerful flu virus, narcolepsy and a vaccine that set out to protect millions around the world, but which may have produced collateral damage.

She is one of at least 100 people to suffer from the sleeping disorder after getting vaccinated with Pandemrix. No doctors would even touch those cases with a 10 foot stick…But finally a couple of weeks ago the investigation why it causes narcolepsy was ready.
Jeff Kwong, a scientist with the University of Toronto and the Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Studies there, is examining records of children aged four to 19 vaccinated in Ontario during 2009 and 2010 to see if there is an increase in narcolepsy cases. Philippe de Wals, an epidemiologist at the Université Laval, it amounts to one case of narcolepsy for every one million doses of vaccine, a very remote risk. Ultimately, she believes there may be many children who are suffering from narcolepsy but have not yet been formally diagnosed.

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