Reminiscent of the movies Dark City, and Village of the Damned, a tiny little town in Kazakhstan has fallen prey to the mysterious sleeping sickness.
It seems that activities like cooking, running, and driving a car have gotten a whole lot riskier for villagers in northern Kazakhstan—because they might fall asleep at any moment and stay that way for days, the Smithsonian reports. A mysterious illness that puts people to sleep has been for almost two years rampant in a small Kazakh village called Kalachi, trend reports. The strange sleeping sickness in the Kalachi village of Kazakhstan was first registered in March 2013. The ministry said that an interdepartmental working group was created at the instruction of Kazakhstan’s prime minister to address the situation in Kalachi.

Additionally, the scientists involved in studying the consequences of the radiation share the opinion that radiation doesn’t cause sleepiness and sleeping sickness was never observed in the areas contaminated by radiation. Scientists have discovered the cause of a strange sleeping sickness affecting residents of two villages in northern Kazakhstan, the government has said. Since March 2013, the mysterious illness has affected more than 140 people in Kalachi and Krasnogorsk, dusty settlements in the huge Kazakh steppe, with a total population of 810 people, mostly ethnic Russians and Germans. Doctors tested Marquis and other sufferers, but the mysterious illness defied all explanation.
It is great that they found the cause of the sleeping sickness and now can evacuate these families to better places.

26 that a working group that investigates the strange sleeping sickness has ruled out its viral or bacterial nature. Some fell victim more than half a dozen times, with sufferers sleeping for up to six days at a time.

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