Rare and Unusual Sleeping Disorders Described Many people may be familiar with some of the common sleep disorders that plague individuals in slumber, however few know much about the rare sleep disorders that so many have to either grow out of, deal with or take medication for.
In this case below is a brief synapse of some of the rarest and unusual sleep disorders and their treatments (if any).
NREM Sleep Disorders NREM Sleep Disorder is the disruption or impeding of the body reaching NREM state. Medications should be considered only if the behaviors are exceptionally tumultuous or hazardous. Those who experience this disorder usually have no recollection of the events the night before.

This sleeping disorder is an interesting one, especially since it may result in physical harm to humans or damage to the environment. Treatment can vary from whether it happens during REM or NREM sleep and behavioral modification to medication, based on the seriousness of the state. Sleeptalking is a sleeping disorder that doesn’t typically need medication unless it’s deemed to be a mental issue. Somnambulism (Sleepwalking) Somnambulismis generally occurs when you are in a deep, heavy state of sleeping.
When it comes to treating this disorder, you may be prescribed antidepressants or could even see a hypnotist to help work through the issue.

Nocturnal Eating Disorders The conditions are considered to be a mixture of sleep disorder and eating disorder. Over the course of numerous studies, it was found the that Topiramate, an anti-seizure medication, has been effective to treat this issue.

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