Astudy to be published in the journal SLEEP suggests nighttime awakenings experienced by people with chronic insomnia might be caused by sleep breathing problems.
The Sleep and Human Health Institute (SHHI) in Albuquerque, NM conducted the study on 20 patients who met diagnostic criteria for an insomnia disorder, denied having any classic symptoms of sleep disordered breathing (i.e. However, when diagnostic polysomnography (sleep study) tests were conducted on each of the 20 patients, 478 of 531 (90%) total objective awakenings for these patients were directly preceded by sleep breathing events.
The results of the study by SHHI furthered their nearly 20 years of investigation towards understanding the link between insomnia and sleep-disordered breathing, a co-morbidity that has been largely overlooked by the scientific community. AlphaSleep Lab is a patient-focused sleep facility using cutting edge diagnostic testing equipment to help determine if patients have OSA, narcolepsy, seizure disorders and other abnormalities. The lab facilitates Nocturnal Polysomnography (NPSG) studies, EEG tests, and sleep observance according to physician’s order.

AlphaSleep Lab’s ultimate goal is to obtain definitive testing results while the patient rests comfortably. The entire testing process is supervised by our Medical Director, who is Board Certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine, and facilitated by our resident Registered PSG Tech Specialist and other highly trained staff. If you believe you or a loved one suffers from insomnia or sleep apnea, diagnosis and treatments are available. Krakow is medical director of the Sleep and Human Health Institute, a non-profit sleep research institute specializing in the areas of sleep and mental health. The Respironics Alice 5 diagnostic testing equipment is clinically accurate to help produce the results needed so the ordering physician can determine a subsequent treatment plan for the patient. The staff of technicians and diagnosticians at AlphaSleep Lab are trained to make the patient at ease and to work with each individual patient sleep routine so that the testing can begin and be successful.

AlphaSleep Laboratories shy away from being your everyday sleep lab.  We make every attempt to provide an atmosphere that is similar to a  high-end hotel. Patients in the study reported that awakenings, which cause or contribute to their insomnia, were usually caused by stress, nightmares, trips to the bathroom, racing thoughts, physical discomfort, worries, anxiety, or for unknown reasons. Of the 478 breathing-related awakenings, 30 resulted in an awakening interval greater than 5 minutes, a duration which increases the likelihood of an insomnia episode. Sateia is a professor of psychiatry and sleep medicine at Dartmouth College’s school of medicine, and was not involved in the research.

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