Doctors Dick and Lepire have dedicated their lives to helping their patients experience the physical and psychological benefits of restful sleep.
The sleep center exists to diagnose and treat a variety of sleep related disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome to name a few. Infinity Sleep Solution’s mission is to provide compassionate, world-class care in a safe and comfortable environment. Because of rising medical costs, many sleep clinics in Phoenix, Surprise and surround areas only accept certain kinds of insurance.

Each has years of extensive medical training in sleep disorders and are well versed in the discipline of sleep medicine. Because the Phoenix sleep center has successfully completed the accreditation process with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, patients have peace of mind knowing the facility has met all regulations and standards pertaining to medical treatment, facilities and equipment, quality assurance, patient evaluation, data acquisition, and patient education. The compassionate health care providers at Infinity believe everyone is entitled to a good night’s sleep and therefore accept almost all insurance types. Both of the MD’s are Board Certified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and are Fellowship Trained in Pulmonary Medicine.

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Non obstructive sleep apnea symptoms

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