Some forms of sleep apnea and some patients with sleep apnea may not generate loud or noticeable snoring. Whether or not you are concerned about snoring, our Chicago sleep specialists can conduct a proper evaluation and provide you with the appropriate treatment options. A professional sleep study is used to evaluate your sleep habits, your oxygen intake, and the number of times that your breathing is interrupted during sleep. Patients who fail to reach the deepest levels of sleep, wake frequently each night, or those who are observed to suffer from repeated or lengthy interruptions in breathing will likely require additional or ongoing treatment. Undiagnosed or untreated sleep apnea (in any form) can pose such a disruption to your physical and psychological health that your overall quality of life can decrease significantly.

There are a number of factors that may increase your risk for certain types of sleep apnea, but it is possible for the sleep disorder to occur in the absence of any risk factors at all.
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When air is unable to pass freely through the nose and mouth into the lungs, vibrations can cause the sounds that we identify as snoring.
Sleep apnea that is caused by the brain’s inability to signal breathing may not be accompanied by snoring at all.
Patients who snore, but still manage to achieve restful levels of sleep may not require any further treatment.

Heart disease, hormonal disruption, difficulty concentrating during the day, and excessive fatigue are commonly cited as side effects of sleep apnea. In addition, many patients are unaware of their own snoring unless it is observed by a friend or family member. Instead, a consultation at our Chicago Illinois sleep apnea clinic can provide you with helpful information and a more accurate diagnosis.

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