While exhibiting the same sleep cessation symptoms that other forms of sleep apnea have, central sleep apnea involves the brain’s ability to communicate with the muscles involved in breathing control. Central sleep apnea is the least common form of sleep apnea, however the impact of the condition can be significant, especially if left untreated. In most cases snoring is not indicative of central sleep apnea, but may be the result of obstructive sleep apnea. It is important to see a Phoenix sleep doctor right away if you experience more than one of the above symptoms. The good news for patients who have been diagnosed with central sleep apnea is that effective treatment is available.

Arrowhead Sleep Center is a premier Phoenix sleep clinic offering comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for those in need.
Of the millions of Americans suffering from sleep apnea, approximately 5% have central sleep apnea. This condition may arise because the patient has experienced other problems, such as a recent heart attack, stroke or even sleeping at a high altitude.
This is especially true if your symptoms include shortness of breath that wakes you up at night or your sleep partner witnesses any breathing abnormalities when you are asleep. Once any medical problems are addressed and a complete evaluation is conducted including a sleep apnea study, your sleep specialist may recommend the use of a CPAP machine, BPAP machine or supplemental oxygen to be received during sleep.

If you or a loved one experience sleep apnea symptoms, call Arrowhead Sleep Center right away for assessment. For example, those living in high altitudes may receive a prescription for acetazolamide, which helps stimulate breathing in patients with central sleep apnea. As a premier Arizona sleep center, the clinic accepts most insurance plan and has excellent cash prices.

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