Set the timing for day and night sleep: You need to set the sleep cycle of the babies for day and night. Differentiate between eating and sleeping: Avoid the habit of the baby to sleep while taking breast milk or bottle feed. Have patience: The parents need lots of patience till the baby develops a sleep pattern according to them.
A small new study in the journal SLEEP shows that one night of sleep deprivation is associated with signs of brain tissue loss, as indicated by higher blood concentrations of two brain molecules the morning after.
But newborns have different sleep patterns and they cannot sleep whole night and you have to adjust your sleep according to them. In the first few months of baby birth, prepare yourself for unexpected sleep patterns of the baby.

But the good thing is that when the baby completes three months they tend to develop regular sleep patterns. Some parents have developed the habit to make the baby sleep by giving bottle milk but this is not a good habit as it may lead to choking or ear infections.
Soon you will be able to observe similar patterns of sleep in your baby like yours.So enjoy parenthood.
But in few cases babies regularize their sleep patterns when they complete six months of their age.
When we eat more than required by the body then we can’t sleep properly in the same way the bottle gives the baby more milk than required at the time of sleeping so avoid this completely.
The baby starts demanding on her own whenever she needs milk by expressing in the form of crying.

If the baby eats properly in the daytime then it does not create a need to wake up in the night for food. In case you are facing difficulty to set the sleep pattern of the baby after three months then you should follow these tips as it will help to regularize the sleep patterns.

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