An inquiry into the deaths of two epileptic teenagers, who were found dead in their beds, has criticised doctors for failing to tell patients with epilepsy there is a risk they may die in their sleep.A fatal accident inquiry in Dundee by Sheriff Alastair Duff, said there was a chance Erin Casey, aged 19, of Fife, and Christina Ilia, 15, of Forfor, might still be alive if they had known about Sudden Unexpected Deaths in people with Epilepsy (Sudep). Her mother Janet said that if Erin had understood that there were risks associated with not taking the epilepsy drugs properly, if she had understood that it was important to get enough sleep and not to drink too much, then she would have been able to make an informed choice. Lynne Wheeler, Christina’s mother, told Channel 4 News, that they simply did not understand that epilepsy could kill. The following chart shows the results of the 2005 Sleep America Poll that relate to symptoms of insomnia.
With normal aging, people spend more time in light sleep, less time in deep sleep and have less REM sleep. With age, sleep becomes less "efficient." People take longer to fall asleep, wake up more frequently and spend more time awake.
Good sleep hygiene describes methods you can use to encourage drifting off into quality sleep.

Additional concerns with both non-prescription and prescription sleep medications are that they can be habit-forming and addictive.
While there are varying opinions on the over-the-counter sleeping aids mentioned above, all experts agree: You should never use alcohol, illicit drugs or medications prescribed for a friend for your sleep problems. The benefits, side effects and contraindications (non-compatible drugs) vary for each class of sleep medication.
Nor were they told that while nobody knows what causes it, there could be ways of reducing the risk: taking medication properly, getting enough sleep, not drinking too much, amongst other things.
In Erin’s case, her consultant said her epilepsy was nothing more than a nuisance and that she should just get on and enjoy life.
But Jane Hanna, of the charity Epilepsy Bereaved, said that doctors are ignoring these guidelines.
More than half of those polled reported experiencing symptoms of insomnia (indicated by the Dragging Duos, Overworked, Overweight, and Overcaffeinated, and the Sleepless and Missin' the Kissin' groups).

People who don't sleep well are also more apt to have accidents, abuse substances such as alcohol, and even suffer greater illness and disease. Melatonin supplements are thought to be particularly effective in patients with jet lag and disorders of the sleep-wake cycle.
It can be caused by an underlying sleep disorder, or might be brought on by something as simple as a change in schedule, a stressful event at work, or an afternoon cup of coffee.
These medications are effective for short-term treatment of insomnia, but should always be used under a physician's supervision.
Because these medications have different duration of action, some are more suited for treating sleep disturbance in the middle of the night.

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