The purpose of this book is to provide a management framework that any person can use for treating chronic insomnia successfully. Adequate sleep is as important as physical activity and balance diet to achieve healthy lifestyle.
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Youngsters look forward to spending weekends with friends partying and enjoying the city’s night life.  Parties that go till early morning obviously result in inadequate sleep.

This along with other unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, eating unhealthy foods, sleeping too much during the day can have some hazardous effects on health.
People who do not get satisfactory sleep at night tend to be irritated or lethargic during the day. Deadlines at work, financial issues, and disturbed sleep schedule due to travel or unhealthy habits such as staying awake at night can lead to sleep problems. If you have been facing issues such as nigh awakening, difficulty initiating sleep, or feeling drowsy during the day, you need to take some action to get your sleep cycle regular.

Sleeping pills is not a solution if your sleep problems are occurring due to hectic or stressful lifestyle. The Ayurvedic classics suggest that Shirodhara can effectively solve most sleep related problems.

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