Clinical signs of depression in teenage girls can vary just as they do in adults, and they can be psychological and physical.
According to WebMD, there is a five percent prevalence of depression in children and adolescents, and one out of 10 teenage girls suffer from depression. In order for a teen girl to be diagnosed with clinical depression, she must experience five or more depression symptoms for at least two weeks. When a teen is experiencing clinical depression, nothing seems fun anymore--not even activities she previously really enjoyed. Sometimes depression will manifest as physical illness, like cramps, headaches, and digestive issues.
Everyday Health also mentions acting out sexually as a symptom of clinical depression in teenage girls.

The most effective treatment for adolescent girls suffering from clinical depression is psychotherapy.
If you suspect a teen is suffering from depression, don't swoop right in as if you're going to attack the depression or as if you're accusing your teen of anything.
She could either sleep more often and have trouble getting out of bed, or she may experience insomnia. Often, a depressed teen may suddenly change from a "glass half full" type of person to someone who has trouble seeing the positive and hopeful aspects of life. These aches and pains will not subside with traditional treatments, so if they linger and are accompanied by other signs of depression you've noticed, speak up. Girls who feel helpless and worthless suffer from low self-esteem, which is a factor in clinical depression.

This is another high-risk activity, like drug use and self-mutilation, frequently seen in girls who are suffering from depression. A visit to the doctor for these symptoms alone will not necessarily raise suspicion of depression.
The therapist will also provide the clinically depressed girl with coping strategies for her depression symptoms, traumatic events, and social awkwardness. Since teen depression can lead to suicide, learning to spot the clinical signs of depression in teenage girls is crucial.

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