A Walmart employee in Louisiana says he was forced to spend his entire shift -- lasting 7 hours -- inside a store bathroom, Fox43 reports.
Roger's brother, Carl Digilormo, says he was hurt on the job at Walmart and was on light duty until he recovers from a shoulder injury, so instead of lighting heavy boxes, Walmart had him monitor the bathroom.
Shoppers leave the Walmart store in southeast Portland where a line wrapped around the store for an 8 p.m. Walmart Canada has confirmed that it will continue the tradition of keeping about half of its stores across the country open 24 hours a day from now through Christmas Eve. The move has obviously proven popular with shift-working shoppers who want to stock up on items before the holidays — it not also browse for gifts. A few cashiers must be more than willing to take overnight shifts across Canada at this time of year — but perhaps not enough of them to meet demand.

Walmart is no longer the only retailer willing to keep the front doors open all night during part of December, at least stateside. While the chain has held one overnight sale a year in some cities, this year will mark its first 48 or 72 hour streaks, similar to what has been recently tried at U.S. Patrick Lenow, a spokesman for IHOP, said 15 percent to 25 percent of the company's sales take place during late-night hours.
Inside, waitress Denisha Lewis said she works third shift at Steak n' Shake so her partner can stay home through the night with their two children.
Hinchcliffe said corporate accounts with nearby Ford and Coca-Cola help drum up business at odd hours. There aren't many places for teenagers to hang out after hours, particularly during the week.

Still, there are places here where commercial life proceeds practically as normal no matter the hour. That's why Clevelander Clarissa Solis, in the hooded coat, chose to hold her friend's birthday party last month at the International House of Pancakes.

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