Cannabis has been the ONLY 100% effective treatment for my debilitating Restless Leg Syndrome.
Moreover, the relaxing effect of this herb helps in overall relaxation of the body and mind and reduces the creepy crawly symptoms in the legs or the affect part of the body.
By Natalie San Luis Researchers don't know what causes restless legs syndrome, which causes discomfort and a compulsion to move the legs when trying to sleep. Some people inflicted by this problem say that they’ve had to spend sleepless nights because of this constant, almost indescribable sensation in the legs.
Changing your diet by taking in some foods more than the others and cutting down on some can help you cure RLS. I recently found something legal that (so far 2 nights) makes a big difference: Vaporise a small amount of a mix of lavender (Lavandula officinalis, main ingredient), lemon balm, and jasmine in a vaporiser, about 30 minutes before hitting the sack.

Dandelion is rich in magnesium and you can use this herb to reduce the restless leg syndrome. In a number of cases this leads to development of strains and tensions in the leg muscles which culminates into RLS. Other herbs that can help you cure the problem are Horse chestnut, Skullcap, Astralagus, Cayenne and Chamomile. While he did get some good pain relief, he didn’t have any restless leg issues at all. You may be having an inexplicable difficulty in the legs such as an itch that you cannot scratch or a twitching that seems to be perennial or even a crawly feeling inside. This can be useful in treating restless leg syndrome since you must be finding it difficult to fall asleep.

Restless leg syndrome or simply RLS, is characterized by odd and irritating sensation in the legs that calls for constant movement.
A natural approach has helped many people suffering from this syndrome and if you’re looking for some RLS rescue assistance, I suggest you too try some natural ways to cure it.

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