The central invention behind lucid dreaming masks is that embedded LED lights near the eyes flash while you sleep. With a strong intention and decent prospective memory in the dream for said intention, you will remember “Weird flashing lights = I’m dreaming!”  Otherwise, the lights will just be incorporated into the dream narrative — or worse, disturb your sleep. As it turns out, though, the REM-Dreamer took this idea from the NovaDreamer, which also had a speaker-system add-on. The most comfortable lucid dreaming mask will undoubtedly be the Remee, which uses a super-light-weight mask with minimal hardware and a low power profile which only needs a tiny coin-battery to keep it humming.
All lucid dreaming masks do not use the same technology to time when to alert you that you’re dreaming.
Remee uses a timer-based light display, so that about five hours after turning on, it begins blasting the lights every 15 minutes (or however you program the sequence). The REM-Dreamer and the NovaDreamer 2, on the other hand, have a more sophisticated approach.
That said, the REM-Dreamer is not as sophisticated as the (now-unavailable) NovaDreamer, which utilized secret algorithms for precisely timing the light sequences, based on Stanford University lucid dream research from many different lucid dreaming subjects. And as we shall soon see play out on the world stage, a lucid dreaming mask that does not measure your sleep in some manner may just turn out to be an alarm clock strapped to your head. I’ve played with an earlier version of NovaDreamer and remember its coolest extra feature was a “reality check” button.
Another interesting feature of the first generation NovaDreamer was the ability to set light pattern sequences based on whether you are a light sleeper or a deep sleeper.
Again, Remee cannot even attempt this, as it doesn’t know if you’re in REM in the first place. It is very configurable and would love to see them come out with a version like the remee’s physical design. The ND2 uses a lithium battery and you can connect it to your computer with a USB to configure settings and see how many light cues were delivered during your REM periods.

You must have tested an outdated version of REM dreamer therefore your entire test is obsolete. I have a Remee on the way, but it looks like the ND2 will be worth buying when it is ready.
Good article, but next time try to be a little motivated and have some will and patience when you test products before you write about them. The REM-dreamer is actually the best mask currently out there, since it’s got REM detection and reliable two way connection. Then, lucid dreaming mask Remee secured over half a million dollars in funding through one of the most successful programs in Kickstarter ever. From the beginning, Remee was designed to low-ball all the other masks on the market, making it affordable for many more people, and I doubt anyone can match it price even by a factor of two.
Remee is banking on the fact that after 5 hours of sleep, it’s pretty likely you’ll be in REM sleep. These masks measure your eye movements and head movements, and determine when you are definitely in REM sleep, rather than awake or in non-REM sleep. There’s a fair chance that the Remee will flash lights when you are in non-REM sleep.
Using the same infrared technology that measures REM sleep, you can theoretically alert the mask that you are dreaming, in order to make it stop flashing the lights, by making a distinctive pre-determined eye movement. I read your sleep paralysis book last year so it’s pretty cool to see you have a website.
I have found that wearing a simple (non-electric) sleep mask turns out to be an excellent reality-check-type lucidity trigger.
I bought the REM Dreamer and had an interesting experience of seeing lightning flashes while jumping from boulder to boulder trying to climb up a mountain.
Take some time to read the manual, test the system by moving in front of the sensor while awake.

I have a REM-Dreamer as part of a comprehensive lucid dreaming plan and as you outlined, cues can be adjusted for length, frequency and duration giving you almost full range of control over cues.
Indeed, in the second half of the night, most people have already gone through deep sleep patterns, and are mostly oscillating in between light sleep (NREM) and REM. Can the Remee be configured such that it assumes you will be in REM earlier than 5 hours from now (e.g.
Big problem I find with the mask approach is I tend to take it off in the night – my enthusiasm for having a lucid dream as I fall asleep disappears in my sleepy state in the middle of the night.
However, rather than realizing this was the REM Dreamer telling me I was dreaming, I merely concluded that I needed to time my jumps so I wasn’t blinded by the flashes in mid-air.
I feel like it will work out great for many people because it has an unique set of LED lights, wheras the REM-dreamer has one for each eye. Given Remee’s transparency, outreach efforts, and smart marketing, their success is practically guaranteed in the long run as a major player. I prefer the REM-dreamer as it only goes off during the REM cycle and only as long as needed, thanks to TWC. When removing these dream glasses, everything went blurry, just like it would in waking state. I’ve lost count of how many of my LDs started with, “Oh damn, I have a sleep mask on.” So if I am hunting LDs then I always wear a (non-electric normal) sleep mask. Way back to ancient shamanic times masks or scarves over the eyes have been used for dream work.

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