I searched, and I looked, and the statistics below represent the most common recommended hours of sleep a person must acquire at a specific age.
Daniel Kripke is the co-director of research at the Scripps Clinic Sleep Center in La Jolla, California. The answer that this questions demands should be in the form of an essay, but let us try to dwell on it in the most productive matter as we can without having to suffer a Page 2.
Venuto believes that sleep “was an individual matter, was tied in to lifestyle factors and was heavily tied into psychological factors and belief systems.

So there, if your two weeks of sleeping test improved your waking hours, then it is wise to consider setting your alarm that would allow that routine to become a lifestyle. I have met college students who get the highest grades in class by sleeping less than 6 hours a day.
And so I turned to the experts, and was surprised to discover that even those who have dedicated their lives in study of the subject of sleep are unsure of the competency of the common recommendations. We can never be sure, but there is a way for a certain person to somehow get an idea of how much sleep time he or she needs.

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