Please note: This is an estimate only and does not calculate freight for your entire shopping cart. The CPAPmax Pillow was created to not only perform better than the original & internationally acclaimed Contour CPAP pillow, but to also make it more comfortable than most traditional pillows.
While the original Contour CPAP Pillow has been incredibly successful in addressing mask interface problems, Contour still felt there was an opportunity to improve upon it.

The CPAPmax Pillow's dual sided design features fiber on one side and memory foam on the other, which appeals to a range of consumer preferences. Heat build-up, often an issue with CPAP patients who use humidified air, was resolved with a unique perforation process that ventilates the pillow to reduce heat and perspiration. A 3-D mesh cover that keeps the user suspended above the pillow, and allows air to circulate and humidity to dissipate.

BEFORE: Traditional pillows interfere with mask performance and can cause shifting, leaks and facial discomfort.

Sleep apnea and nocturia
Attention deficit disorders and sleep/arousal disturbance

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